A letter of appreciation and longing for Imm Thai Street Food

IMM Thai
Juliet Hemmati/File

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To my favorite restaurant in Berkeley,

Now that I’m living across the world, I find myself thinking about you more and more often. You’d think that being in Asia would mean I wouldn’t be thinking about an Asian restaurant in the United States. But Imm Thai Street Food, I long for you. I miss you.

I’m home, and all of my favorite foods are here. From main courses to desserts, the food in Berkeley can’t compare — with one exception. No matter what I do, my craving for Thai food never quite goes away. It lurks in the background, humming like a bumblebee.

I can’t help but miss it. I reminisce about how crowded it gets on a sunny day. I remember the bowl of curry that warms me up from the inside out whenever it rains. Nourishing, warming and so delicious — you’re perfect in every way.

Sometimes I can still smell that curry — the subtle hint of lemongrass and the freshness of Thai basil, surrounded by the depth of coconut. I looked up the ingredient list for Thai curry once, and I finally understood. It was the ultimate combination of all my favorite things — just the right blend of herbs, spice and vegetables.

Of course, it’s not just Thai curry that you happen to make perfectly. I can’t vouch for the entire menu, but I know that I’ve loved every single thing I’ve tried, which is no mean feat.

Sure, I miss a couple of other restaurants in Berkeley too. Somehow, I’ve managed to make do by trying to recreate their dishes myself to some degree of success. Yet, to my misfortune, my culinary endeavors fail when I try to recreate your masterpieces. Tell me, what’s your secret? What magic do you hold? I’ve looked at recipe after recipe, but I fail every single time.

Until I’m back in Berkeley, or Uber Eats develops some sort of teleportation delivery system, I’ll be here. Waiting and longing for the next bite I can have.


Your favorite customer

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