Perpetual predawn glow: A poem

Photo illustration of the view of an orange sky out of a window
Alexander Hong/Senior Staff

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I came across this phrase the other day,

reading about the orange-brown haze

blanketing the world outside my window

the words lingered, opaque —

perpetual predawn glow 

perpetual predawn glow

their image oddly comforting

like a careful embrace

haunting yet warm, cozy

as if the earth, after a long, tiresome week

decided to hit snooze

to sleep a while longer

just five more minutes, Mother Earth might’ve said,

rolling over and pulling a thick duvet up to her chin

five more minutes to rest my weary limbs

five minutes, five hours, five days

if it’s all the same to you, I think I’ll rest a while longer

just a little while longer


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