Falling into place: Celebrating the autumn equinox and its lessons

photo of leaves
Vanessa Lim/Staff

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Welcome, fall.

About a week ago, we were transported into a new phase of the year: fall. The equinox fell over us, and we have sent our goodbyes to the summer season. The heat still fuels the reality of many of our days, but as we look around, many of us are beginning to notice leaves covering the ground as they fall from their hosts. It is the last full season of the year, and it has come ready to embrace us. We, in return, shall welcome this time of the year with open arms and a loving attitude. The lessons the fall equinox has brought for us are still to be unraveled. But like every phase of the year, fall comes ready with wisdom and quiet knowledge to help foster our learning.

Some say that with the equinox comes a necessity for us to center the notion of balance in our lives. Who exactly says this, I cannot recall, but the tune of balance is one that has been sung in my ears over the years when it comes to welcoming this season. Fall is an intermittent season, one that mellows us out from our summer high and prepares us to nestle into the winter months. The day on which the equinox falls is one of nearly perfect balance — the length of the day is just about equal to the length of the night. The same is true for the spring equinox, but the lessons present in that phase of the earth’s rotation tend to relate more to growth than they do balance. Now may be the time to focus on finding a sense of greater balance in our lives.

The bitter chill has yet to bite those of us who are located in the Bay Area, but soon we will feel the crisp autumn air. While we wait for the cool air to blow over this place, we start to see that the moon is out earlier and earlier each night. She shines so brilliantly, and we know that her time in the sky will continue to extend until the winter solstice arrives. For some of us, the extended presence of the moon and the absence of long sunny days can bring about feelings of sadness as we lack the radiant energy from the sun’s extended time. But we must not forget the power of the moon. The equinox welcomes the moon and opens the door for us to connect in greater depth with its magic.

With the arrival of fall also comes a change in the foods we may choose to eat. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cranberries, leeks, cauliflower, kale, squash, apples and pears, we receive you. Our bellies ought to be nourished with your seasonal coming. Some of us will pay you, equinox, the mindfulness to remember what foods best feed us during this autumnal time. We at the Clog are quite excited to feast on some of this season’s many fruits and veggies. And more than that, feasting in community with those we have included in our bubbles during this pandemic. Thank you for the delectable foods that come with your time.

All in all, we at the Clog just want to say, welcome! We say welcome to a new seasonal phase of the year. We do not exactly know what this season will give to us, but with every phase of the year, there is something to learn and love to be found.

With open arms,

A fall-welcoming Daily Clogger

Gina Wright is the blog editor. Contact her at [email protected].