What the trading cards you played with as a child say about you

Madeline Fruman/Staff

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If you’re anything like me, trading cards were a staple of your childhood. Trading cards with other kids was popular during the summer season and a sight to see on the playgrounds during recess or lunchtime (if the school allowed it). Most kids had no idea how to play any of the games, but the few who did were special and could make any rule and have the rest believe it to be true. Chances are you gravitated to one type of card over the others. Your choice in cards likely says a lot about you, from who you were as a child to who you are now. Out of fun, we at the Clog decided to build a list of a few popular trading cards of the early to mid-2000s so that you can compare your favorites to your personality. Here’s what your favorite trading cards as a kid say about you.


Pokémon may have been the most popular trading card game among us as kids. If this card game was your favorite, you’re probably the type of person who follows trends or someone who was into commonplace gaming and anime. You go with the flow and aren’t ashamed of it. You can find your own personal corner within this mainstream game though, such as having a favorite Pokémon that no one else seems to care about. 


If Yu-Gi-Oh! was your favorite trading card game as a kid, then odds are you were and are into anime and/or cool-looking dragons. Your only idea on how the game is played probably came from the anime, but that was OK because you just wanted the cards with the cool art. If you were into Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon, those two series were likely your gateway into the world of anime. At the very least, you probably enjoyed the darker, more horror-inspired art on the cards. That means that even now, you might enjoy shows, stories and art that are more macabre.


Even though this isn’t a trading card game, there were always some kids who preferred playing this over any of the other games. If you were that type of kid, you may see yourself as intellectual and different from everyone else. You enjoy not having to deal with other people and working stuff out on your own. This might mean the thing you dread most, now that you’re a college student, is having to do group projects or group work.

Magic: The Gathering

The kids who collected magic cards seem to fall into two camps: the ones who are massive fantasy fans and the ones who wanted to be different from the norm. The game is filled with artistic representations of classic fantasy creatures. Some were even done in the style of classic fantasy novel covers, so it makes sense for a fantasy nerd of any age to be drawn to it. On the other hand, it’s also a game that feels different from the other two listed above. These aren’t strange monsters you’re fighting with but instead werewolves and wizards. That difference from Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon makes it an ideal choice for people who like to go against the grain. So if this was your preferred game as a kid, then you either really like fantasy or found solace in being different from everyone else.

Sports cards

If you preferred these over any other, then we at the Clog bet you played and watched a lot of sports as a kid and still do. You’re a jock at heart who enjoys learning about the people who play sports professionally. That was probably true then and may still be true now.

Trading cards may have been a staple of your childhood. If you have fond memories, why not try to find your old collections? Not only will it take you on a trip down memory lane, but, as this list shows, it may also reveal something about yourself in the present day that you have yet to recognize.

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