A chill playlist for you to relax, kick back, rewind to this weekend

Illustration of a person in their room, jamming to music coming from a speaker.
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Imagine, it’s a Friday night and you just finished your last Zoom class for the week. But if you’re being honest with yourself, you’re pretty wiped out. Because of COVID-19, you’re planning to stay the night in with some popcorn and cards with roommates. Or you’re ready to head to the store in your pajamas and mask to pick up some ice cream. Whatever you may be doing, it’s the end of the week — relax, kick back and rewind. Throw this playlist on for easy, chill beats!

“Waiting for Cars” by Soccer Mommy

This beautiful song provides an escape into a dimension you will find yourself lost in. It revives old memories, instilling you with a sense of nostalgia as you decipher the lyrics. Overall, it’s a very lovely song to listen to as you’re de-stressing from the week.

“Tomb” by Angelo De Augustine

With absolutely beautiful vocal melodies, this song is a must-add. It serves as a reminder that everything is temporary, whether you are frustrated, angry, sad … just keep moving along because you’ll eventually be able to pick yourself back up again. It evokes a sense of serenity and satisfies the indie vibe you’ve been looking for. “Tomb” is truly a beautiful melody that allows you to rewind, slow down and take a breather.

“Left Side” by Eloise

Honestly, I’m upset I just discovered this song. I listened to it for the first time a few days ago, and since then, I’ve listened to it an unhealthy number of times. Apparently, at one point this was Billie Eilish’s favorite song, a fact that I think speaks for itself. If you dig this song, check out Eloise’s album This Thing Called Living, which contains three more songs that will melt your heart.

“Friendly Dark” by Ollie MN

I immediately fell in love with this song. It reminds you not to give in to the darkness and evil that may be in your life. You are above and better than that. Its precious melody could convince you to ditch this entire “rewind” playlist and simply listen to this song on repeat.

“Dance Around” by Caro

Caro speaks perfectly about overthinking. I cannot get over this song. She just wants to dance around and avoid any problems that may be brewing because life is not worth overthinking or pushing it. Her message: Let’s dance around and not talk about it. I like this idea of letting things go if you feel like you are holding on too tight or if you feel like you are putting in more effort in a relationship than the other person is. Sometimes it’s best to keep it in the moment and take everything one step at a time.

“Northern Italy” by Margaux Beylier

This may be the song I use for my first dance at my wedding. It is insanely beautiful, and Beylier’s voice is truly angelic. It’s a great song to rewind to; her voice is soft, and the beat of the guitar is sweet and simple. Her combination of peaceful vibes and pure talent 100% gives out “Call Me by Your Name” vibes.

“Streetcar” by Daniel Caesar

Oh, Daniel Caesar — an artist who never fails to amaze me with his talent. His voice is stunning, peaceful and calming at the same time. “Streetcar” shows that even though you may know your destination, sometimes you just can’t quite get there yet. Life is just not fair sometimes, and you have to live and roll with the punches … get up and keep going. It’s a nice reminder when you are rewinding from your long week to relax and reflect.

“September” by Ayoni

Powerful. Beautiful. Chilling. There are so many words I can use to express how much I love the vibe of this song. If you’re looking to reflect on a past relationship, this song is the one for you. She talks about how although she doesn’t know why they left, she’s moving on and her life is slowly getting better. Her need for them is fading, and she’s well on the road toward healing. She’s over the month of September and onto the next: October. This song is entrancing and hits me in a different way than the others do.

“Blame” by Andy Leon

“Blame” will probably resonate with most of its listeners. It’s about that annoying person you have to have come across at one point in your life who always manages to find something or someone to blame for everything. Whether they blame it on time, alcohol, new social trends or you, the point is you don’t want someone like that in your life. Ultimately, no matter whom or what that person blames, it’s always on them at the end of the day. So listen to this song and forget about them — you’re above that, and you deserve better.

“Scared of You” by Bobby, I Miss You

Whenever I hear this song, I imagine myself in a car at night with the windows rolled down on my way to get ice cream at the local grocery store. Letting the wind brush my face and raise the hairs on my arms but in a good way, one that makes me feel alive. So take a deep breath, let go of the week and play this song.

Remember, it’s OK to relax every once in a while, especially on a Friday night. You can grab some popcorn, hit up a few friends to have a late-night talk via Zoom and have this playlist running in the background. Or chill to these songs in your room as you relax on your bed. Do whatever you need to do to give your mind a mental break. So what are you waiting for? Add this playlist and get ready to press “play” this Friday evening!

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