The Clog’s egg-celent guide to ways to prepare eggs

Photo of egg on toast
Momoka Sasaki/Staff

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When you have classes all day and assignments in between, it can be hard to motivate yourself to eat anything near a nutritional and filling meal. I often just end up eating a whole bunch of Trader Joe’s Chili and Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips and a single apple and calling it a day. But after getting a stern lecture from my mom about eating more protein, I’ve turned to another easy but more fulfilling food to make up my meals: eggs. Eggs are cheap, amazingly versatile and overall pretty easy to make. Even though they’re typically a breakfast food, they’re great for lunch and even dinner as well. The hardest thing about eggs is just deciding how to cook them. Check out this guide to some of the different ways you can prepare eggs.


Omelets are the king of egg dishes. You can make it super simple with just eggs, or you can add cheese, fresh vegetables, herbs and even meat. As fancy as you can make an omelet, it’s also super quick and easy. It’s as simple as cracking a couple of eggs in a pan with some oil and adding whatever toppings you want. You don’t have to be a chef, and you don’t have to perfectly flip over and fold your omelet. As long as it’s got yummy ingredients, it’s sure to be a hit. And don’t be afraid of spices (more than just garlic, salt and pepper). Try out new combinations, and you may find something you like.


If you’re looking for something simple, scrambled eggs are your go-to dish. No need to worry about making it pretty or putting in a bunch of ingredients. Just scramble up some eggs with a little salt and pepper and maybe some cheese. Scrambled eggs are amazing as a nice side with a piece of toast and some fruit. You could also consider adding scrambled eggs into noodle or rice dishes for a fun texture and a little protein.

Sunny side up

Don’t sunny side up eggs just look so nice and cheerful? Whether you like them with a runny yolk or fully cooked, sunny side up eggs are the perfect topping for your avocado toast or even in a rice or noodle bowl. To be fair, the flavor can get a little boring if you don’t add anything to them, so get wild with spices and sauces. And if you do like runny yolks, poking them with your fork is always a fun way to feel like a kid again.


Hard-boiled eggs are a great way to get protein on the go, and they’re super versatile. You can hard-boil a bunch of eggs and have them as quick snacks for the next week. You can just eat a hard-boiled egg plain, or you can make egg salad or put it in a sandwich. If you feel like really getting fancy, you could also soft-boil an egg, which is great if you’re trying to make homemade ramen. The downside here is definitely that soft-boiled eggs can be a little messy to peel and also tend to make your breath a little smelly. You’ve been warned.


Poached eggs are pretty much as fancy as your eggs are going to get. Though I am too scared to actually attempt it, the process involves boiling water and then stirring it quickly enough to make a little vortex to plop your raw egg into. You then fish it out with a ladle, and it’s … cooked? At least in theory. But if you are able to manage this style of egg, it looks really nice in your breakfast and has a satisfying runny yolk.

If you’re looking for the easiest meal or snack, eggs are the way to go. There are so many ways to make eating eggs fun and nutritious, and if they’re not already part of your weekly meal plan, they definitely should be. We at the Clog wish you luck in your egg-y endeavors. May your hard-boiled eggs be easily peeled and your sunny side up eggs be nice and runny.

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