Quiz: What fall Trader Joe’s snack should you buy?

Photo of Trader Joe's Pumpkin treats
Sunny Shen/Senior Staff

If you’ve been to Trader Joe’s in the past couple of weeks, it was probably impossible for you to have missed the multitudes of fall-themed treats. We’re talking pumpkin cookies, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffin mix and more. Trader Joe’s has a couple of fall items that aren’t pumpkin-flavored as well. With all the amazing fall treats, spices and snacks, it can be hard to decide what to purchase (we would buy the whole store if we could). Well, if your bank account is feeling the effects of you trying to buy every pumpkin snack Trader Joe’s sells, take this quiz to figure out which Trader Joe’s fall snack you should really buy!

  1.  What Halloween movie is your favorite?
    1. “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
    2. “Hocus Pocus”
    3. “The Addams Family”
    4. Any horror movie
  2. Which fall scent does your house smell like?
    1. Pumpkin spice!
    2. Apple cider and cinnamon, mmm.
    3. A slightly rainy, slightly leaf pile-y smell.
    4. Some unidentifiable spice … is that clove? Cardamom? 
  3. How do you like your pumpkin pie?
    1. With a ton of whipped cream.
    2. Homemade — store-bought is the worst.
    3. I really don’t like pumpkin pie (because I’m a monster).
    4. Seriously, I will eat the whole pie.
  4. What’s your ideal fall activity?
    1. Visiting a pumpkin patch, duh.
    2. Apple picking.
    3. Watching Halloween movies/football/fall “Gilmore Girls” episodes from my couch, always.
    4. Going on leaf-crunching walks.
  5. What’s your most worn fall clothing item or accessory?
    1. Scarf
    2. Beanie (with a little poof ball on top, of course)
    3. Boots with fuzzy socks
    4. Chunky sweater that it is still too warm to wear in Berkeley 
  6. Favorite fall leaf color?
    1. Orange
    2.  Brown
    3.  Maroon
    4.  Yellow
    1. You should buy Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s cookies! They’re the perfect classic Trader Joe’s fall snack that matches your sweet personality. You can use these yummy cookies to reward yourself after a long day of studying. You love being with other people, and these Joe-Joe’s come in a box big enough so that there’s plenty to share. If you don’t feel like sharing, that’s fine too! Put on a Halloween movie and snuggle up in a blanket with the whole box to yourself.
    2. You should buy Trader Joe’s Apple Cider Fruit Spread! Have you seen this stuff? It’s so versatile — put it on toast or pastries, or eat it with an apple. You can also eat it out of the jar with a spoon. Your go-with-the-flow personality will be soothed with this treat, which makes almost every other food better. The flavor isn’t mellow, but rather bold and cinnamon-y — perfect for your bold and energetic vibes! If you’re looking for a sugar rush to wake yourself up, just start putting some of this sweet spread on everything.
    3. You should buy Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bisque! It’s hardy and super dependable, just like yourself. You can always count on pumpkin bisque as a super fast and super delicious meal. That makes pumpkin bisque the perfect meal to heat up in between your five assignments, two problem sets and two essays. Pumpkin bisque is flavorful and fun, and never bland!
    4. You should buy Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Biscotti! You don’t want just a basic cookie; you want a fun and exciting cookie that you can dip in your coffee or tea! You love doing your own thing and don’t really care what others think, which is why you’ll feel very confident eating your delicious — though maybe not that trendy — biscotti. I mean, seriously, this is like the elevated version of the cookies your grandparents eat, but you’re funky and fresh enough to pull it off. 

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