The benefits of being haunted during the pandemic

Illustration of an old, haunted house with ghosts visibly present at each opening into the house.
Katherine Qiu/File

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Many people would consider being haunted by a ghost a bad thing. There are countless horror movies and stories that show how being haunted or being in a haunted house is a terrifying and unwanted experience. These tales come off as a bit disingenuous. There are plenty of benefits to being haunted (it’s not all bad), especially right now during a pandemic. You may end up counting it as a lucky day or occurrence if you end up getting haunted by a ghost as you’re sheltering in place. Don’t believe it? Well, here are some very real benefits of getting haunted during this time.

No need to social distance from them

One nice thing about ghosts is that they can’t get sick. So if you start getting haunted, there’s no need to be afraid. You now have a potential friend that you can hang out with without having to worry about staying 6 feet apart. It’s a new (dead) person you can spend time with. That kind of companionship could be a nice way to spice things up and dust off those social skills.

Can scare off people who get too close

Ghosts are known for scaring people. This becomes a very handy thing when people get a little too close to you, in the event that you are being haunted. If an annoying person who sees this pandemic as a hoax is getting in your 6-foot bubble, just have the ghost haunting you appear and let out a soul-chilling wail. That’s sure to get the person running for their life far away from you.

May have pandemic tips (from the Spanish flu)

Depending on the age of the ghost who’s haunting you, you could get some tips on how to make the most out of the pandemic. If they were alive or haunted during the Spanish flu, they probably have experience with passing the time during a pandemic. Of course, the ghost may also have passed away due to pandemic. Regardless of the ghost’s situation, odds are they have some advice or wisdom for you.

Will add some spirit to your week

Sheltering in place can be monotonous. Days blend together and everything feels the same. A ghost can change all that. Even an angry ghost will add a bit of variety to your day. Broken plates and spectral images will keep you on your toes and will have you wondering what will happen next. When was the last time you could say that? Besides, slamming doors and inhuman wails might make it feel like Halloween is right around the corner. All in all, a ghost might be just the thing to knock you out of your rut and possibly even get you in the spirit of the season.

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in a haunted house or have a spirit latch on to us. If you’re one of the lucky ones, enjoy it. It may seem terrifying, impossible and like you’re living in a horror movie, but I hope this list will help you get some enjoyment out of your spectral encounter.

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