Pumpkins, step aside: Persimmons are the best part of fall

Courtney Le/Staff

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The arrival of the fall season is always signaled by a sea of warm colors at the grocery store. But the heap of yellow-orange fruits that appear in the produce section is not just an extra shipment of tomatoes. In fact, they are the best thing fall brings: persimmons! Here’s a list of reasons persimmons are just the greatest.

You can enjoy them with or without the skin

Unlike pumpkins, which require time-consuming carving, persimmons are ready to eat after a quick wash. I prefer to peel mine, but if you’re short on time, feel free to bite into these babies like an apple. 

There are two types to choose from

The Fuyu persimmon is flatter in shape and can be eaten when firm for that satisfying crunch, while the taller Hachiya is soft and sweet when ripe. Whatever your preference, persimmons are sure to please! 

They have a light, delicate taste

Many of the flavors and smells associated with fall can easily be overpowering, but persimmons are gentle on the senses. Their refreshing sweetness makes them a delicate dessert or an easy snack. 

You can add them to baked goods

Next time you want to make a tasty fall dessert, try looking for a persimmon recipe. The Hachiya persimmon works perfectly for this purpose and will complement any kind of warm, cinnamon-y flavors.  

Personally, I have great memories of my mom packing persimmon slices in my school lunch when the season came around. My grandmother also knew how much I love persimmons, so she would pick them off her friend’s tree and bring me bags full of them! If you’ve never tried a persimmon before, don’t miss out. Add one (or five) to your fruit bowl, and you won’t be disappointed. 

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