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Paper Airplane
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One of things the COVID-19 pandemic has majorly impacted is sports. It’s impossible to play many casual sports games with your friends without breaking shelter-in-place or distancing rules. If playing sports is something you usually do, then you probably miss it. In the event that you are missing engaging in sports with others, you may want to consider playing some sports over a video call. Sure, the sports you play via video call may be a bit different and less physically demanding, but you can still have fun! Here are some sports to consider playing with your friends over a video call.

Bouncy ball high jump

Starting the video call sporting events off is a simple sport where all you need is a tape measure (or meter stick) and a rubber ball. The goal of this game is to get a higher bounce with your ball than your friends do with theirs. Set up the tape measure so your foot is holding it to the ground and it comes up close to your chin. Then throw the ball against the floor with only a flick of your wrist and see how high it bounces back up. Make sure all of this is within sight of your camera, and ta-da! You have a socially distanced sport you can play with friends.

Rubber duck time trial

In a weird way, a time trial is already a socially distant form of a race. Most time trials, though, still require you to go outside in a community of other racers. If you’d rather stay indoors and stream your run to your friends, you could race a rubber duck in your bathtub instead. To engage in this sport, you release the rubber duck on one side of the tub and time how long it takes to reach the other. The duck will be propelled either by the water leaving the tub or, if you’re feeling strong, by your own breath. Fill the tub from a shower and you won’t even be wasting water.

Paper airplane stunts

Some sports like to have a panel of judges to determine the winner instead of basing the winner on an objective truth, such as seeing who crosses the finish line first. If you want that kind of competition, why not show off your paper airplane skills to a group of friends by way of a video call? Have everyone make their own plane out of paper and show off the cool tricks it can do as it flies through the air. Get one or two of your friends to act as impartial judges and there you have it – you can hold an online paper airplane stunt competition.

Textbook weightlifting

In addition to sports being fun, playing one is a good way to get some exercise. If you’re missing that aspect, why not do some weightlifting with a university bend? Challenge your friends to see who can lift the most textbooks at a given time. Put them in that backpack you don’t use any more (because there are no in-person classes) and get lifting.

Just because you can’t meet with your friends in person doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that friendly competition!

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas as to how to bring sports back into your life.

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