Quiz: What funky fall vegetable should you try?

Photo of Romanesco broccoli
Leon Brocard/Creative Commons

Now that all the amazing fall vegetables are in season, you need to expand your cooking to include these tasty veggies. Though you’ve got your classic pumpkins, turnips and carrots, there are a plethora of funky fall vegetables out there that are super fun and easy to cook. Even if you live somewhere where it still feels like the middle of summer, chances are you’ll be able to find some fun fall veggies at your local grocery store or even a farmers market. The hardest part is figuring out which to try first! Take this quiz to determine which strange fall vegetable you should try next. 

  1. What’s your favorite weird-looking spice?
    1. Ginger! It looks like a weird, bumpy toe when it’s in root form.
    2. Star anise — it honestly just looks like a decoration.
    3. Cinnamon sticks remind me weirdly of stick bugs.
    4. Pumpkin spice, duh!
  2. What’s your favorite way to prepare a vegetable?
    1. Steam — it’s easy and quick.
    2. Sauté in a pan, super yummy!
    3. Bake it in the oven.
    4. I like ’em raw!
  3. Choose characteristics for a gourd to have.
    1. Orange and round.
    2. Yellow and lumpy.
    3. Small with a cool pattern!
    4. A shape that makes you question if it’s really a gourd.
  4. What would you name your pumpkin?
    1. Jack the Lantern!
    2. Patricia the Pumpkin.
    3. Greg the Gourd.
    4. Sally the Squash.
  5. What vegetable costume would you dress up as?
    1. Corn (or a cornfield with all your friends and be in the fall spirit)!
    2. Pumpkin or jack-o-lantern (I know I’m basic).
    3. Lettuce (I’m a last minute costume person and all I have is green clothing)?
    4. Excuse me? Why would I dress up as a vegetable??
  6. What’s the spookiest vegetable?
    1. Asparagus reminds me of long creepy fingers!
    2. You know when potatoes grow those little roots off them?
    3. Mushrooms. Just think about how they grow.
    4. Onions — they magically make me cry and that’s pretty spooky!
    1. Try Romanesco! This is basically a kind of broccoli, but it kinda looks like if broccoli had a midlife crisis and went all spiky. It’s also a little lighter in its green color than broccoli, which is fun for a colorful fall meal. The taste is close to broccoli, but also a little cabbage-y? Try roasting it in the oven with some salt, pepper and lemon and see how it tastes. Putting spiky food in your mouth can be a little intimidating, and romanesco can be a little aggressive to eat (it might stab your mouth) but try this one out! It’s just weird enough to be worth it.
    2. Try colorful carrots! Orange carrots are so boring! Why don’t you try rainbow carrots? The purple ones are nice and spooky for Halloween, and the whitish and yellow ones remind me a little of ghosts. Carrots themselves are a little funky, but rainbow carrots will elevate your funky fall veg game! Try cutting up a bunch and sautéing them in a pan or adding them to other dishes to see the other ingredients turn a little purple. 
    3. Try butternut squash! The butternut squash is basically the vegetable equivalent of a Hufflepuff. Very loyal (always good in a soup), unobtrusive (pleasant to keep on your counter next to your pumpkins) and hardworking (this is a hardy vegetable right here). Cooking up something that can also sit on your counter for a month is a little intimidating (can I really eat this?) but don’t be scared! Honestly, just try cutting it up and roasting it with some garlic salt and pepper! Or go the sweet route by adding cinnamon and ginger.
    4. Try kohlrabi! This is basically a turnip with a funnier name and slightly creepier looking. They kind of look like something that a witch would pull up from her garden and throw directly into a cauldron. You can find purple ones, white ones, greenish ones and ones with the greens attached! They have kind of a creamy texture when you cook them, so they can be really yummy pureed in soups or roasted in the oven. You can even eat kohlrabi raw, but don’t forget to peel the bulb! No one wants weird pieces of purple bulb shard in their creamy soup. Try cooking the greens as well!

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