An alternative to walking and running: 3 reasons you should speed-walk

Fast Walking
BugWarp/Creative Commons

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Have you ever felt unsatisfied with just simply walking? Society only really accepts two forms of bipedal movement: running and walking. However, here at the Clog, we’re all about surpassing expectations and bringing new ideas to the table. In this case, that idea is speed-walking. Here are three reasons you should speed-walk the next time you step outside.

You can avoid breathing in the smoke

With forest fires plaguing much of the West Coast, it’s not ideal to have a long walk breathing in the smoky air. Next time the air quality index drops and you have places to go, speed-walking could be the perfect alternative! That’s right, extreme speed-walking is the optimal way to travel in this new world. By balancing the speed of running with the ease of walking, speed-walking makes it possible to get in your daily cardio without spending too much time outside or breathing in too much smoke.

You can scare away people you don’t want to interact with

Speed-walking is so intense and unusual that most people will try to steer clear of speed-walkers on the streets. While a runner or walker is regarded as completely normal, most people would probably feel a little panicked if they saw someone speed-walking toward them in the street. And in an era when any person could be carrying the coronavirus, it’s worth it to tone down your approachability in public. If you see anyone in your way, just speed-walk toward them, and they will definitely move away!

You can prepare for the Olympics

Have you ever had dreams of competing in the Olympics? Well, speed-walking might just be your shot at doing that. That’s right: If you start training now, you’re only increasing your chances of becoming an Olympic race walker one day. Olympic race walking, of course, is exactly what you think it is: a time-honored event in which racers of all nations do their best to walk as fast as possible. That could be you. Imagine the cheers as you walk your way across the finish line. If you get an early start by speed-walking now, you’ll be ready for the Olympics by the time they return in eight years.

Of course, there are things to be wary of. You might find that you can’t get out of the speed-walking habit, and you’ll discover that you’ll start speed-walking everywhere, even in your own house. This can lead to all kinds of side effects, such as bumping into furniture more often, annoying your roommates and generally being very fast. It is important to speed-walk responsibly and to know when it is appropriate to do so.

As long as you are cautious, though, speed-walking is a great alternative to walking and running, and it is by far the most practical way to exercise, now that the world is ending.

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