Fun, timely nicknames to use in your Zoom classes

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At this point, you’re probably used to the fall semester being entirely online. Day in and day out, you open up your computer and click the links for your lectures. Needless to say, it can get quite monotonous. To give you a little more spice and humor in this sort of routine, we at the Clog suggest changing things up by altering your screen name to something fun, wacky and/or Halloween-related. (It is coming up, after all.) You can even choose something that better reflects your mood so people will know how you’re doing. It won’t be a permanent change, but it may just get a much-needed chuckle out of you and your fellow classmates.

Here are 14 nicknames we came up with that you can choose from:

  1. Bearly Breathing
  2. Battheny
  3. Midterminally III
  4. Jack O’Lantern
  5. Neva Doesthereading
  6. Notes in Desiree
  7. Riley Goingtofailthisquiz
  8. Mark Ed Aswrong
  9. Shoulda Crammed
  10. Bear Bones
  11. Rick O’Treat
  12. Bob Forapples
  13. Sam Hain
  14. Hal Oween

Hopefully this list has shown you at least one way to have a little fun in your online classes. Remember, it’s always all right to be a little silly every now and then.

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