The best ways to celebrate Halloweek

Photo of Halloween decorations
Gisselle Reyes/Staff

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 Let’s all acknowledge the fact us Halloween lovers have been trying our very hardest to ignore: This Halloween is going to be, well, a little lame. No cute kids coming to your door asking for candy, no wearing weird costumes to class, no Halloween parties. I mean, I love spending time with my housemates, but it feels a little strange to spend a bunch of time thinking about and working on a costume if all I’m doing is sitting on a couch with them like I do any other night. As sad as that mental picture is, don’t let it get you down! Since this year’s Halloween night is going to be a little strange, why not plan a whole week of festivities! That’s right, we’re replacing Halloweekend with an entire Halloweek! Read on for some fun inspiration concerning how to make your whole Halloween week special.

Monday: spooky movie and cider night

What better way to start off a spooky week than with a chill (but also spooky) movie night! A spooky movie is a perfect low-key activity if you’re still feeling stressed for the upcoming week of classes. You can also totally go for a horror movie, but if that’s not your vibe throw on a classic such as The Nightmare Before Christmas or Halloweentown. Make your movie night a little more special by drinking some apple cider or ginger beer — anything fun that gets you in the Halloween or fall spirit!

Tuesday: pumpkin treats 

This is the perfect night to bake some pumpkin-y snacks that you can enjoy the rest of the week! You could roast some pumpkin seeds, bake pumpkin muffins, make a pumpkin pie or whatever your stomach desires! If baking isn’t really your thing, just pop on over to the store and buy some pumpkin-flavored treats to enjoy. You could always buy some pumpkin cookies and have a fun time decorating them so you still get do-it-yourself vibes minus the baking.

Wednesday: costume making and house decorating

If you’re a last minute costume person, here’s your reminder to get on it! If you’re doing a group costume with housemates or friends, take some time to craft or purchase items for your funky fits together! And if you’ve yet to decorate your place with Halloween decor (I really put this kind of activity off during midterm season), tonight could also be a super fun opportunity to get crafty and make your house spooky. Think fake cobwebs (a couple dollars at the dollar store), fake ghosts (crumple up and hang some tissues or paper) and a whole bunch of pumpkins and pictures of pumpkins.

Thursday: pumpkin carving

Time to grab your pumpkins and get carving! Seriously when is the last time you carved a pumpkin? Like middle school? Sounds like the perfect time to try it again! Try a classic jack-o-lantern face for old times sake, or get crafty with a spooky phrase or other image. Get really spicy by making a pumpkin carving contest with your housemates! And if you put the jack-o-lantern on your front porch, it will still look super fresh come Saturday. If carving isn’t a possibility for you or you don’t really have anywhere to put a jack-o-lantern, consider buying some smaller pumpkins and painting them or drawing something on them with sharpies! Don’t forget to roast the pumpkin seeds after you’re done!

Friday: spooky dance party

You’ve made it to the end of the week! Now is the time to let loose and put on your Halloween playlist so you can have yourself a spooky little dance party! If you made or bought costumes, put them on! It’s Halloween at midnight, and it could not be a better time to celebrate. Hopefully you remembered to buy some candy (if you didn’t, get to the store! Come on, this is essential) and you can now sit on your couch and eat it all yourself, considering you’re probably not going to see any trick-or-treaters tomorrow.

Saturday: HALLOWEEN!

What?!? It’s Halloween!!! Wow, I was so caught up with the Halloweek activities that Halloween itself snuck up on me! I mean what do I even do? Truly I have exhausted all of my Halloween activities. Take this night to do whatever you want! Have a dance party, watch a movie, eat some candy or run around your house pretending to be a ghost! Play a prank on your friend! Read a scary story, do something that scares you!

Enjoy your Halloweek! Even though this year Halloween feels a little different, you can still make the most of it by planning a whole week of activities. Have fun, and happy Halloween!

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