How to handle a night when you just can’t fall asleep

Clare Black/Creative Commons

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Some nights, it feels impossible to fall asleep. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get any rest. It’s a draining and frustrating feeling. You’re not powerless, though; there are things you can do to get the most rest possible out of your restless night!

We at the Clog have you covered; here are ways you can handle your sleepless night.

Listen to calming music

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it might be because you’re having trouble relaxing. Calm music is a great way to get you a little more relaxed. It can also give you something else to focus on so that you’re not alone with your thoughts. These combined factors make listening to calm music a good thing to do if you can’t sleep. Just make sure it doesn’t become the thing keeping you up. If so, turn it off and try something else because you shouldn’t be kept up by the thing you’re using to help you fall asleep.

Avoid screens

Phone and computer screens can be the bane of sleep. Not only do they shine a bright light directly in your face, but they also have apps and programs that entice you to keep scrolling and watching. If you find yourself unable to sleep, keep those screens away from you and turn your devices off. This may be the reason you haven’t fallen asleep yet. Regardless, the screen won’t help you fall asleep, so there’s no reason to pick it up if you’re trying to do so.

Control your breathing

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Repeat this process, and you should start to feel more relaxed. By taking long, slow and deep breaths, you can put yourself in a more conducive state to sleep. It also helps by forcing your mind to focus on a specific repetitive thing. That way, you can distract yourself from any thoughts that are keeping you up.

Just lie down and close your eyes

There are some nights when nothing will quite get you to sleep. If that seems to be the case, then lie down and close your eyes. Don’t panic if you don’t fall asleep doing this (falling asleep is a bonus if it does happen). It’s just a way to get a little rest, even if you don’t get any sleep. Resting your eyes can make all the difference the following morning when you have to deal with the consequences of your sleepless night.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to use any of these tips. However, if you do find yourself unable to sleep, remember to remain calm and try one or all of these. There’s no perfect way to fall asleep. Just try to find what works for you and let yourself drift off.

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