The Clog’s guide to staying body positive during quarantine

Illustrated gif of two people, each appearing parallel on the opposite ends of a mirror, showing their stomachs with visibly different reactions.
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If you’re anything like me or the several thousand other people who spend an arguable amount of time on social media, you’ve noticed that six months into quarantine, the infamous how-to baking videos have been replaced by “no-excuse” home workouts and new diet trends. Now, it’s good that quarantine has allowed many people to dedicate themselves to bettering their health. But with the dramatic increase of seeing “perfect” bodies on the screen and a plague of #TransformationThursday posts, it’s easy for this to lead to some insecurities within our own skin. Quarantine has been rough for us all, and it’s difficult to stay positive, let alone body positive. So, here are a few tips for staying body positive in a world of social media.

Do something for yourself

This can be anything from doing a face mask to having a Netflix night. It’s easy to forget about yourself during quarantine. The truth is, we all deserve to be treated every once in a while, even if the person treating you is yourself. A night spent taking care of yourself and bettering your body can help you feel a bit more loved and confident within your own skin.

Take a breath and spend some time away from social media

When we’re forced to stay at home, it seems like the only thing to do is to scroll through social media. However, sometimes this can lead us down a spiral of wishing we looked like other people, from models to influencers. Social media can get overwhelming, so it’s important to take a breather for your mental and physical health. You can spend some time outdoors, read a book or do anything that puts a smile on your face. 

Dress yourself up in your favorite clothes

When I say favorite, it doesn’t have to be the fanciest dress you have in your closet. It can be the 2-year-old sweatpants you have or your favorite shirt from freshman year. Just wear something that makes you feel happy, and remember why it made you feel that way — because you look amazing in gray sweatpants, or because eyeliner makes your eyes pop. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the things we love about ourselves, even when they are hard to see from our own perspective. 

Have a dance party

Sometimes when you’re feeling self-conscious, the most uplifting thing to do is to laugh with yourself and sing lyrics to your favorite 2000s bop. Even if you feel stressed about your schedule or you’re an absolutely terrible dancer (believe me, I am too), it helps to take a few minutes to blare some music that gets you hyped and ridiculously dance along to it. It’s both a stress reliever and a confidence booster!

One of the most important aspects of body positivity is understanding that you won’t be positive all the time and accepting that. In these moments, when we feel a bit too overwhelmed to look in the mirror or too tired to dress up and have a dance party, it’s important to take a deep breath and know it’s all going to be better tomorrow.

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