How to convince yourself that a hoodie is an adequate Halloween costume

Photo of an individual eating candy in a hoodie
Jeong Yun Choi/Staff

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Do you find yourself completely unable to summon the willpower to come up with a costume this Halloween? Or maybe you don’t want to go through the hassle just for no one to see it. Despite the extremely stressful conditions and the high likelihood that no one will even notice, you don’t need to go without a Halloween costume this year. Here’s how to make your hoodie a perfectly valid Halloween costume.

Wear something other than a hoodie every day for a week leading up to Halloween

We recommend a full tuxedo or something really out there. That way, when you do wear only a pathetic hoodie on Halloween, you pretty much feel like you’re in a full costume. Whoever sees you the week prior will be shocked to see you in something so normal for a change.

Completely change your personality for a day

By embodying a different person’s character and completely changing how you interact with others this Halloween, you can metaphorically wear a costume of duplicity without actually having a costume. So even though it is technically you wearing the hoodie, you can embody whomever you please!

Look up pictures of celebrities in hoodies and pretend you’re taking inspiration from them

What better way to convince yourself a hoodie is a good costume than by making it seem like you’re copying your favorite celebrity? By looking at famous people wearing hoodies, you can turn this mundane item of clothing into a key part of another person. 

Wear your hoodie backward

If you change up a major part of your outfit — for example, the way your hoodie is oriented on your body — who’s to say that you aren’t in a costume? It’s such an obscure way of wearing your hoodie that pretty much everyone who sees you will assume you’re wearing a costume, especially on Halloween.

This year, feel free to take Halloween easy if you want to. As long as you’re equipped with these tips, you’ll be able to feel like you’re joining in on the festivities from the comfort of your favorite hoodie.

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