How to put together the spookiest Halloween charcuterie board

Photo of a halloween charcuterie board
Jackie Amendola/Staff

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There is nothing better than a platter of delicious snacks and treats in the form of an aesthetic charcuterie board. Charcuterie boards are perfect for any occasion because they are so customizable and allow you to offer guests a plethora of snack options. This Halloween, put together a spooky mix of the best Halloween treats for your coronavirus-safe celebration. You can even make mini charcuterie boards for each guest if you are having a socially distanced celebration! Here’s what you will need.

Halloween classics

There is a limited number of sweets that are only offered on Halloween, and this is the perfect opportunity to eat all of them. Adding these specialty candies will create a spooky feel and give everyone a chance to try Halloween candy they may have never had the chance to before. Add candy corn, gummy eyeballs, candy skulls or whatever your spooky heart desires!

Sweet candy

After you put the special types of candy on the board, start to build around them with classic sweet treats such as Kit Kats, Twix and Reese’s. Make sure to spread these out, especially if they are chocolates, to disperse the brown throughout the board. Make sure to buy the mini sizes to fit more, and unwrap them so that they are easily accessible on the board. 

Sour candy

Once your sweeter, more indulgent candy and chocolate are on the board, it’s time to load it up with all the sour goodies. While most of the year I’m definitely a sweets person, Halloween is the perfect time to embrace the sour side of life! Fill the board up with sour gummy spiders or sour candy corn. Pick fun colorful sour additions that will really make the board pop.

Other treats

Lastly, add your favorite noncandy Halloween treats. Lofthouse cookies, Halloween Oreos, chips shaped liked ghosts, pumpkin spice goodies — the list goes on! This part is totally optional: Feel free to just include candy, but if you want to add any other treats, get creative — you can even bake your own.

The last step to making this Halloween board over the top is adding some spooky decorations. Think spider rings, fake skulls, mini jack-o’-lanterns or anything that will make the board as spooky as possible. Happy Halloween!

Jackie Amendola is a deputy blog editor. Contact her at [email protected].