The Clog’s power ranking of iconic Halloween treats

Photo of caramel apples
Ariane Hunter/Creative Commons

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When the leaves change color and “Monster Mash” begins to play on repeat, it can only mean one thing: Halloween has arrived! Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and embrace your scary side, but the most iconic thing about Halloween is being able to eat as many treats as you want without being judged (for the most part). In the spirit of Halloween and all things sweet, here is the Clog’s honorary ranking of the top five most iconic Halloween treats. 

5. Candy corn  

I know candy corn in itself is controversial, but it is the first treat that comes to mind when we think of Halloween. These little candies are everywhere during Halloween, and with good reason. Soft and sweet, they are the perfect way to kick off your Halloween.

4. Candy apples

Whether you are still in your “Snow White” phase or you just like the way the moonlight reflects off the shiny red coat, candy apples encompass everything Halloween has to offer. With sweet red coating and sour green apples, candy apples are the best of both worlds and definitely deserve to be on this list. Plus, the apples make them healthy!

3. Halloween Lofthouse cookies

You either love them or hate them, but regardless, the vibrant orange frosting and bat sprinkles scream “Halloween.” Also, nothing is better than a soft, pillowy sugar cookie topped with fluffy frosting. Take a bite of these, and the sweet taste of nostalgia will consume you … in addition to a sugar rush.

2. Halloween Oreos

Although these are basically the same as regular Oreos, the orange filling really does take it up a notch on the Halloween scale. With their spooky orange vanilla filling and crispy chocolate cookies, you can’t go wrong with this classic. Not only this, but a pack of Oreos is the perfect complement to a scary movie on Halloween night!

1. Pillsbury pumpkin shape sugar cookies

This makes the top of our list without a doubt. These cookies are crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, with a little pumpkin shape in the middle to create the most iconic Halloween treat. These little cookies are perfect for any Halloween occasion, whether it’s a Halloween party or a solo movie marathon. These delicious cookies will make every Halloween a perfect Halloween. 

This is not a comprehensive list of all the iconic Halloween treats, so be sure to pay respects to the treats not on the list as well, and, as always, happy haunting!

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