Editors’ Note: Happy Halloween from the Daily Clog

Illustration of three small Oski Bears in halloween costumes, walking through a graveyard.

It’s that time of year again: Halloween! While we at the Clog feel some sadness about the state of festivities this year, we still wanted to provide you with some spooky and entertaining content this season.

Perhaps we didn’t need to give you any more of a scare with this year’s Halloween content, as 2020 could be viewed as the best horror movie of our times in and of itself, but hopefully, at the very least, it will help you get excited for this wonderfully spooky holiday.

So, stop stalling and go check it out. From pieces about hoodies as costumes to rejected Hollywood monsters, from power rankings to hot takes, we’ve got you covered. Now that many of you will be staying in this Halloween, there is no excuse to miss this year’s content. Give it a read and lift your spirits!

Enjoy, stay safe and happy Halloween!

Peace, Love, Clog.

How to convince yourself that a hoodie is an adequate Halloween costumePhoto of an individual eating candy in a hoodie

Get in the Halloween spirit with these DIY pumpkin candles

Photo of pumpkin candles

Sick of Halloween horror movies? Try these crime documentaries instead

Photo of the TV Series, "Unsolved Mysteries"

The Clog’s power ranking of iconic Halloween treats

How to put together the spookiest Halloween charcuterie boardPhoto of a halloween charcuterie board

Quiz: What Halloween group costume best suits you and your friends?

Photo of an individual dressed up as a squirrel

More of a trick than a treat: Why I’m not wild about Halloween

Illustration of someone laying in their bed, surrounded by scary movie characters.

Spooky Halloween horoscopes for every Zodiac sign

Photo of the constellations, with astrological signs of the zodiac.

Photo by Cellarius Andreas under CC0 1.0

Why Halloween 2020 would’ve been especially fun without COVID-19Photo of Halloween Christmas Ornaments

The Clog’s guide to Halloween costumes on a $3 budget

Photo of a person dressed up as a ghost

Halloween in Hollywood: 4 obscure monsters that deserve the spotlightIllustration of Oski bear as King Kong, grappling the campanile in an old movie poster style.

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