The Clog’s guide to Halloween costumes on a $3 budget

Photo of a person dressed up as a ghost
Vivian Roan/File

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As my friends were squabbling in my living room discussing what to dress up as for Halloween, my mind began to wander. To be totally honest, buying a Halloween costume seems like a total waste of resources and money. As a child, I dreamed of being Darth Vader or a stormtrooper. But buying a high-quality stormtrooper suit to wear for one day out of the entire year? Not really worth it if you ask me. And what if you don’t really want to spend any money at all on Halloween? How cheap could a costume really be? So without further ado, here are a couple of genius Halloween outfit ideas that use everyday household items, all of which you can recreate for under $3. 


All you need for this one is a white sheet, scissors and tape! Using the scissors, cut out two holes for eyes. I’d recommend you attempt to tape the sheet to your limbs and face so it does not fall off. You can never go wrong or be mistaken for something else with this classic costume, so I’d call that a success!


Start by gathering a mask (which shouldn’t be too hard to find these days), paper, tape and scissors. Wear the mask, and create a surgeon bib with paper. Feel free to bring a plastic knife as a prop. This adds some fun to your costume, as you can tell everyone it’s your scalpel.


To be a knight for Halloween, you just need aluminum foil and some creativity! Create cylindrical armor pieces to wrap around your limbs. If you happen to have a hat, your costume gets even better. Wrap the hat in foil to create your knight’s helmet. The last piece of your costume is the chest piece, which we recommend securing with some tape.


The only things you need for this one are a towel and a pair of red women’s underwear. If you don’t have women’s underwear, you might have to cut up a pair of boxers. First, tie the towel around your neck like a cape. Second, put on a blue pair of pants and a blue long-sleeved T-shirt. Then, put the underwear on over the pair of pants. Ta-da!

While I’d be surprised if anyone actually uses these costumes, they’re a great starting point for your creativity this Halloween season. It’s a reminder that even though this year’s Halloween celebrations will look much different than we’re used to, creating a costume doesn’t need to be a large, costly endeavor. Dressing up can be just as fun and successful for as little as $3!

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