Why Halloween 2020 would’ve been especially fun without COVID-19

Photo of Halloween Christmas Ornaments
Gisselle Reyes/Staff

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Perhaps it’s needless to bring up at this point, but can we please acknowledge that this could’ve been the best Halloween of the decade, especially for college kids (if you’re into partying or whatever …)? Well, maybe we at the Clog are getting ahead of ourselves. We really have no idea what this year’s Halloween will bring. Who knows, maybe we’ll discover a vaccine for COVID-19: That’d definitely make this Halloween one for the decade — heck, the century. But the odds of that happening are very slim to none, so instead, we will sulk about why this Halloween would have been really awesome if we were living outside of the reality of a pandemic.

Don’t get us wrong though: This Halloween can still be really stellar if you have the right attitude and follow health and safety protocols. Still, here are two very distinct reasons why Halloween would have been especially tight if we didn’t have to be as cautious.

It’s on a Saturday this year

This is perhaps the most convincing reason why Halloween would have been especially rad this year, and this reason is probably true for people of all ages. With Halloween on a Saturday, there is no reason to hold back or postpone Halloween celebrations. From the little ones trick-or-treating to the college kids turning up, festivities would’ve been allowed to commence with little stress over how one may feel the next day. It probably would have been a quiet Sunday around campus, considering how hard people may have gone the night before, but at least we’d have the day to recuperate before class on Monday.

Huh, just imagine it — Halloween 2020 on a Saturday! Ugh, and this only happens twice a decade at most (unless the leap years are in our favor). Hmm, well, maybe Halloween 2027 will make up for any missed opportunities this year. But hey, it could be best that many of us will instead spend the night in watching old Halloween movies while binge-eating candy and hoping that we brush our teeth before we fall asleep.

It’s a full moon (and a blue moon)

This is simply cool! Not only is Halloween on a Saturday this year, but it falls on the second full moon of October — it’s a blue moon. This would have probably made for some very freaky, funny and interesting outcomes for Halloween. A full moon typically stirs some energies around, and with it being on one of the spookiest days of the year, the possibilities for something unexpected to happen are endless. If we were able to celebrate as usual, the opportunities for absurdity or something unforeseen coming about would increase exponentially. This could have been your chance to see a real werewolf in action or to uncover some secret superpowers.

The fact that we cannot celebrate Halloween to our full capacity doesn’t change that it is still on a full and blue moon, so some freaky stuff could definitely still go down. Our chances of experiencing something outlandish are simply lower. Still, we can all take this Saturday to find the time to go outside and howl at the moon.

While we will not be able to celebrate Halloween as we may have under more normal circumstances, who doesn’t like a good fantasy of what could have been? Despite the fact that we can’t go out in the same capacity, we hope that y’all make the most out of this year’s unconventional Halloween!

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