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Settle for presidential candidate Joe Biden, change the world

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NOVEMBER 02, 2020

The most important election of our lives is right around the corner, and it includes a race between two of the most controversial political figures of our generation. 

Not only is it important to cast a vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden because of his proposed policies, but it is also important that we reverse the damages caused by President Donald Trump while preventing him from further deteriorating American democracy. Despite my disagreements with Biden’s potential operations, a vote for him would give everyone a better shot at a better life.

Before this election, I was never involved in politics because I thought it was messy, negative and hateful. I didn’t understand how politics was a conversation that people had, especially when Trump became our president.

I believed that voting was rigged within our country. I felt like rich people, corporations and politicians always had more power than us, and I didn’t want to waste my energy fighting a pointless battle about Trump’s character and lack of action.

I eventually realized that these were the reasons that I should care about politics. I realized that our votes are equal and that I need to take a stand with fellow citizens to create the change we desperately need.

During the beginning of this year, I was heavily involved in politics to the point where I campaigned for a political candidate in Iowa for most of January. Not only did I learn about the candidate for whom I was advocating, but I also learned about the backgrounds and policies of the candidates who were popular during the Iowa caucuses.

I realize now more than ever that everyone who has the ability to vote should use their voices to fight for human rights. 

The issues that will disproportionately affect the world in the upcoming decades will be decided by those who show they care and are willing to bring change. 

The time is now.

When you compare Trump’s and Biden’s views on the pressing issues of our country, there is a stark difference regarding who seems to care about us, who understands why issues such as racism and poverty are pressing and who wants to create laws and plans that would completely transform our lives. 

Trump uses terms and talking points that further divide us, while Biden wants to unite us. Despite Biden’s complex past, he’s mostly been a decent guy who has known suffering and can empathize with others.

COVID-19’s impact on everyone’s lives has been nothing short of traumatic. More than 228,000 lives have been lost, and 9 million people are still being infected daily within the United States. Trump thinks COVID-19 will eventually go away, while Biden has a comprehensive plan that would provide free testing for all, rapid deployment of supplies and economic relief, as well as bolster remote learning.

Trump is just plain racist, while Biden wants to propose systemic changes to ensure racial equality so underrepresented minority families can survive in this country. 

Trump wants to separate families, build walls and support immigration policies that only divide us. Biden supports pathways to citizenship, as he wants to protect undocumented immigrants and reverse the travel bans Trump has implemented.

Doing more and more research and living in a country where I have both seen firsthand and experienced Trump’s policies only push me to fight harder and louder for everyone. 

Voting for Biden is not about nitpicking differences in policy or completely agreeing with him. It’s about the pressing issues that need to change. It will be easier to hold Biden and Democratic leadership accountable and push them further on social issues, domestic policy, health care, environmental issues and so much more. We’ve all seen how Trump doesn’t take responsibility and how many people in his circle have been caught in scandals.

At the end of the day, it’s about Black Lives Matter. It’s about LGBTQ+ rights. It’s about immigration rights. It’s about climate change. And hundreds of other issues within our country that need to be addressed.

If anything, this year has shown us exactly how Trump has failed to come up with solutions that would help us move forward and provide resources to help us overcome the struggles the year has presented. 

Registering to vote, creating a voting plan and talking to family and friends about why we should vote for Biden are the least we can do to move this country forward.

I am excited to vote for someone who will give us a stronger chance at a better future for generations to come. 

I hope you are, too.

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NOVEMBER 02, 2020