An ode to the animals of UC Berkeley

Hayden Irwin/File

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Oh, the animals that call UC Berkeley home are great! They are unique, silly and surprisingly plentiful. From the squirrels to the turkeys, it’s always nice to catch a glimpse of these creatures. They are a lively part of campus, and now that school is online, I dearly miss them. They deserve some appreciation, and that’s exactly what I’ll give.

The squirrels are probably some of the most obvious animals on campus. Any appreciation that didn’t include these iconic animals would therefore be incomplete. These fuzzy rodents are often by the trees or anywhere someone might have food. They scamper about with their lovely, bushy brown tails and show that campus is filled with life. In a way, the Berkeley squirrel is like the mascot of all college students: It’s always running from place to place but will often stop to try to get some free food. For the kinship that can be felt between us and for always showing that there’s at least some animal life on campus, thank you, squirrels.

Squirrels are by no means the only wildlife on campus. There are plenty of different birds that liven things up. Bird songs from the trees can make early mornings just a little better. The crows hopping around an empty Memorial Glade or some other grass patch can make campus feel a bit more full. These birds are also more than happy to steal food from an oblivious student, adding to the general air of mischief outside. In short, the birds make UC Berkeley a less intimidating and isolating place and instead, a place of song and life. For that, they, too, deserve thanks.

All of this is yet to mention the animals brought to campus. From the stress llamas to a pet dog, these animals are always a welcome sight to see. It also helps that when you ask nicely, you might get to pet them. These animals can make the worries of everyday school disappear just a little. It can be very relieving and nice to see the same dog and owner every couple days as they go on their walk. It becomes a part of that semester, but unlike classes and papers, it’s something you can really look forward to. For bringing that little bit of joy that chases the blues away, the pets and stress animals are really great and deserve some praise.

Last but not least is the turkeys. These birds are near and dear to my heart. It’s just that it always surprises me when wild turkeys occasionally come down from the hills to hang out on campus. They just relax in the shade or on the grassy lawn. It’s like they’re living the idyllic student experience, in which they can enjoy campus and the weather without worrying about any work. They are also large silly-looking birds. In short, whenever I see them, it puts a smile on my face, so for that, I have to give them some appreciation and thanks (in addition to an ode just for them).

So here’s to the animals of UC Berkeley. It’s a far different semester without being able to see them on the way to class. Looking forward to seeing you again once school resumes in person (if it ever does).

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