Incumbent Buffy Wicks wins race for CA State Assembly District 15 seat

Photo of Buffy Wicks
Buffy Wicks

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Updated 11/05/20: This article has been updated to reflect California Secretary of State election results released as of 5 p.m. Nov. 5.

Incumbent Buffy Wicks won against opponent Sara Brink with 85.9% of the vote for the District 15 seat of the California State Assembly, as of press time.

During her campaign, Wicks said she would continue to tackle the housing crisis, boost funding for public education and protect immigrant communities in California. Wicks has sponsored bills addressing housing reform, health care and mental health awareness since taking office in 2018.

According to her website, Wicks plans to combat the East Bay housing crisis by constructing affordable homes for low-income families, protecting existing tenants, such as senior citizens and individuals with disabilities, from displacement and building transit-oriented neighborhoods to limit greenhouse gas emissions from long car commutes.

Wicks is committed to providing single-payer health care for California residents, elevating health and safety standards for children and securing equal rights and protections for women.

As of press time, Brink has 14.1% of the vote. Both candidates are waiting for all mail-in ballots to be counted.

During her campaign, Brink prioritized the centering of marginalized people when crafting policy and building community resilience in the district, according to the Voter’s Edge California website. Brink also proposed instituting publicly funded elections and creating citizen oversight committees for legislation if elected.

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