Incumbent Nancy Skinner wins race for CA State Senate District 9 seat

Nancy Skinner

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Updated 11/05/20: This article has been updated to reflect California Secretary of State election results.

With 89.3% of the vote, incumbent Nancy Skinner has won the race for the District 9 seat of the California State Senate over her opponent Jamie Dluzak, according to the Associated Press.

During her years in office, Skinner has introduced bills on police reform, the Fair Pay to Play Act, which allows student-athletes to earn money from the use of their name, image and likeness, as well as a bill to increase affordable student housing. District 9 includes many Alameda County cities, including Berkeley and Oakland.

Skinner currently serves on the state Senate’s Environmental Quality Committee, Transportation and Housing Committee and Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee, among others.

Moving forward, Skinner has introduced bills that would ensure that only those who are at least 20 years old are automatically tried as adults and allow state funding for homeless services to include rent and other assistance.

Skinner has also introduced a bill to increase the use of “green hydrogen,” which would help California meet its goals on climate protections, as well as a bill aimed at removing carbon that is already in the atmosphere.

Dluzak, who has received 10.7% of the vote as of press time, ran a campaign focused on safety, order and increasing productivity amid COVID-19 through pausing regulations and building infrastructure.

Additionally, Dluzak has taught GED subjects to ex-convicts at the Men of Valor Academy, written a series of biographical books called “My Crime” on inmates and created the publishing business East Oakland Times, according to his campaign website.

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