How to make your student ID card’s existence meaningful off campus

Photo of Cal ID Card in a book
Jeong Yun Choi/Staff

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Because many of us are no longer on campus, a key part of our identities is now undergoing an existential crisis. These past few months have been extremely difficult for our student ID cards. Those small plastic rectangles have literally lost their reason to exist, but here at the Clog, we believe that you don’t have to stand idly by. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best ways you can repurpose your student ID while we’re off campus.

Use it as a bookmark

If you happen to read physical books, you might find it useful to mark your spot. Because you’re not using your student ID, you might as well let it do that for you. Plus, it’s perfect to keep your ID in your book — when you see your ID while reading, it will remind you of just how studious you are and will motivate you to keep going. 

Use it as a Frisbee

Ever wanted to toss a Frisbee around indoors but decided that it would probably just damage your furniture? Well, take it from us: Your ID is just about mediocre enough at being aerodynamic that it pretty much flies without breaking anything. Just don’t aim at any glass, and you’ll have a great time. Your student ID will finally feel like it has a purpose again.

Turn it into a template for drawing slightly rounded rectangles

It’s a big world. There’s a lot we don’t know. For example, you might one day find yourself needing to draw a huge number of somewhat droopy rectangles. And because that possibility exists, you might as well get a head start now. It’ll be a good workout for your wrists, and you’ll certainly be giving your student ID card the meaning it deserves.

Attach it to a stick and use it as a mini spatula

If you’re ever cooking a tiny pancake and find yourself feeling like a normal-sized spatula is just too large to use, consider building a mini spatula. With just your student ID, some string and a somewhat sturdy stick, you’ll be flipping really small pancakes in no time. I guarantee your student ID will feel gratitude for finally being given a reason to exist.

Don’t let your student ID waste away in isolation. Hopefully, it’ll be back to doing normal ID things soon, but until then, you can offer your support in keeping its existence meaningful.

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