How to turn your Halloween decorations into Thanksgiving decorations

Illustration of a person celebrating Halloween on October 31st, then being festive for Christmas on November 1st.
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Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is on the horizon. That means you’re encouraged to take down all of those Halloween decorations and get ready for the next festive occurrence. Taking down decorations can be annoying, though, so why not keep the decorations up and just change them a little for the next holiday? Lucky for you, we at the Clog are one step ahead and have already thought about this. Here are some ways you can change those Halloween decorations so they become Thanksgiving decorations.

Turn your bedsheet ghost into a tablecloth

A classic Halloween costume (and decoration) is a ghost made with a bedsheet. Just cut two eye holes and either hang it up or use it as a costume. Now that Halloween is over, this quick decoration is a little less topical. The easy fix is to use the bedsheet ghost as a tablecloth. With Thanksgiving being centered around a big meal, it’s good to have the table looking nice and protected. The white sheet that you used for your ghost decoration will make a nice tablecloth for that occasion.

Transform your zombie into a dead Pilgrim

You might have a zombie hand sticking out of your front yard or even a full zombie statue left over from Halloween. No need to get the storage box out yet, however. These statues can be turned into dead Pilgrims for Thanksgiving with just a hat. Add to that hat the buckle that stereotypical images of Pilgrims have, and all of a sudden, the zombie is characterized as a Pilgrim. It may still be a bit dark and spooky, but at least it’s more in line with the holiday, and you don’t have to put anything away.

Turn your jack-o’-lantern around

The jack-o’-lantern is a classic symbol of Halloween and a fairly common decoration. Luckily, the pumpkin is a common symbol for fall and, by extension, Thanksgiving. So, all you have to do to make your jack-o’-lantern a more season-appropriate decoration is turn it around. That way, passersby will see it as a pumpkin. This is probably the easiest way to make your house look a bit more Thanksgiving-oriented.

Pose your skeleton to make it look like it’s having a Thanksgiving meal

Skeletons are another classic Halloween decoration. You may even have a fully posable skeleton posing in your front yard or visible through a front window. No need to put it away yet, though. If you can change the pose of your skeleton, you can set it up so it appears to be having a nice Thanksgiving meal. It may be a bit macabre, but it’s definitely in the spirit of the upcoming holiday.

Now you don’t even need to put away those Halloween decorations. Just make a quick little change, and they’re perfect for Thanksgiving. Have fun!

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