Clear: A poem

Photo of trees
Vanessa Lim/Staff

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Dearest, the air will clear.

This gray sky won’t last forever,

so breathe in with me, and we’ll

fit the smog into our lungs and,

you and I, we’ll peel back the 



And I promise you, 

you never unlearned how to be strong.

You were never made of stone,

never made for sanding down or

withstanding. Love, 

what you’ve forgotten is

still sewn into your skin.

Kindness in your hands.

Endurance in your bones.

We’ve never been untouchable.

We’ve never been unmoved.

This world has changed me in ways I

will have to accept.


And I’m sorry

for every moment when I faltered,

for every breath you’ll breathe that will

hurt. I’m sorry you’ll have to endure,

and I’m sorry the world will be better for it.

But suffocating has never been the solution.

We’ve never been untouchable,

but we’ve always been good.


This Earth will heal

with every breath you breathe,

so breathe in with me.


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