Get serious about soup: The most fulfilling fall soup and bread pairings

sousvideguy/Creative Commons

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With daylight saving time ending this past week and the weather finally starting to cool down, the seasons are finally switching from fall to winter! There’s arguably no better meal to eat on a cold, cloudy night than soup. Let’s skip past the argument over whether soup is a meal or a drink and get straight to the best soup and bread pairings that will bring you warmth this fall season. 

French onion soup with a baguette

If you’re not a cheese lover or lactose intolerant, it might be best for you to skip this pairing and keep reading. But for the rest of you, take yourself to France from your own kitchen with a simple yet rich bowl of onions and cheese. The baguette makes the perfect pairing to dip in the soup: Bread, cheese and onions — what’s not to love? 

Pumpkin soup with savory cranberry bread

Some of y’all don’t understand the pumpkin hype this time of the year, and that’s okay. However, you must understand how magical it is that a common decoration also serves as a really tasty ingredient in meals and desserts alike. A simple, creamy pumpkin soup paired with flavorful cranberry bread is — arguably — a pair more iconic than Barack and Michelle Obama. Again, don’t forget to dip your bread! 

Broccoli cheddar soup with sourdough

Cheese seems to make soups really tasty, so even as a lactose intolerant person I still can’t resist devouring a bowl of this on a cold, windy night. Even better than eating this combo is putting this soup in a bread bowl for maximum tastiness (not to mention carb overload). Don’t feel guilty about the carbs though; at least you’re not missing out on your vegetables with this dish!

Tomato soup with grilled cheese 

This classic dish — possibly a nostalgic one from your childhood — simply cannot be beat. Try using sourdough for your grilled cheese and adding bacon or onions and other cheeses besides cheddar to give it a more gourmet upgrade. Don’t worry about grabbing a spoon for the soup. That’s what the sandwich is for! 

Beef stew with brioche 

Beef stew is a bit of a laborious dish, but the end results are worth it for the hearty nutritional value from this stew. Make sure to start this dish hours before dinner time because it has to cook for a while in order to get the beef and potatoes to a perfect tenderness. Brioche might seem like an out of place pairing for beef stew. You might be asking, are you sure I didn’t mean sourdough or something? Even though brioche is on the sweeter side, there’s just something about the stark contrast between sweet and savory that tastes good. But don’t take my word for it; try it yourself! 

Quite honestly, I don’t eat soup that often because when I think of soup, I imagine a simple tomato soup or chicken noodle soup that leaves me still hungry. However, I’ve found there are hundreds of unique, hearty soup recipes that are sure to bring warmth to your fall and winter. And when you pair them with an excellent bread, it makes for an even more filling meal. So get to cooking, Bears!

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