How to keep warm while having socially distanced hangouts

Illustration of a warm cup of coffee releasing steam, with a plant-filled background.
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’Tis the season for cold weather. If this were any other year, you could hang out with your friends, share a blanket and be nice and cozy as you watch a movie or just chat. Sadly, there is a pandemic going on, so your time spent with friends will most likely happen through a computer screen as we move into these cooler days. However, some of you may still want to engage in socially distanced hangouts.

If you’re trying to pass time with friends in real life, odds are it’s going to be cold, especially as winter approaches. Whether you decide to go outside or stay in to have an online hangout with your friends, here are some ways to keep warm while you spend time with others during these cold months.

Grab a bunch of blankets

Though you may not be sharing them, blankets are still a great way to keep warm. Just pile them over your legs and enjoy the warmth your lower body feels. If you don’t need to use your arms, then you can drape the blankets over everything below your chin. The nice thing is that if you’re still cold, you can just add more blankets. The weight of multiple blankets can be relaxing in addition to being a good way to keep yourself warm.

Drink something warm

There’s a reason fall and winter are associated with hot apple cider and hot chocolate, respectively. Warm drinks such as those can be just the thing to help heat you up. That also means hanging out with friends virtually or in real life while it’s cold out is an excuse to make yourself your favorite hot beverage, which makes it a win-win.

Snuggle with a pet

You may not be able to snuggle with a significant other or your friends, but you still have your pets. Assuming your pet is a warm-blooded animal, it can be a great lap warmer. Just make sure your pet enjoys being pressed up against you before you try to force it. It would be difficult to focus on spending time with people when there’s a squirming animal on your lap. However, if your pet would enjoy it and gives off heat, then consider giving your pet snuggles to keep yourself warm.

Sit by a source of heat

A lovely winter evening is relaxing by a fire in the fireplace. Not only is it warm, but the dancing flame can be a bit entrancing. If you don’t have a fireplace handy, then central heating or a space heater will suffice. Just sit by your heat source of choice, whether it’s a vent giving off hot air or a crackling fire, and enjoy the warmth. It will make you feel like it’s a lovely winter’s day and may make the virtual company feel even nicer.

Hopefully, now you have plenty of ways to keep warm as you hang out in real life or over a video call with your friends. Try any of these or even a combination of all of the above, and enjoy feeling cozy. Keep warm!

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