Good excuses to use when you want to hide from your family

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The holidays are fast approaching, which most likely means you’ll have to spend even more time with your family members. If you’ve already been podded up with them for the past half a year, this might seem like the thing that’ll drive you over the edge. The best way to avoid that insanity is to hide where your family won’t find you. That way, you can have a few moments to yourself. Of course, you’ll need a good excuse as to where you were once you reemerge. Here are some excuses you can use to hide the fact that you were hiding from your family.

Had homework to do

Sometimes school doesn’t care that you have a holiday break. With homework assigned over the break, it makes sense if you disappear into your room for hours. You won’t have to work too hard to convince your parents that you are trying to be the best student you can be, so you can use that hypothetical homework to your advantage to get some alone time. It also helps if you actually have homework, as you then actually have some proof to back up your claims, but it’s not required. As long as your family members don’t walk in on you, for all they know, you have plenty of homework.

Was cleaning out the back of the closet

Chances are your childhood room has only become messier as you’ve stayed home. Your family may have even encouraged you to clean it. So why not use it as an excuse to avoid people? If you’re cleaning out the back of your closet, even if someone poked their head into your room, they wouldn’t be able to see you. You could also take it as an opportunity to go on the nostalgia trip of organizing and going through stuff from your childhood, but you don’t have to do that. You could just enjoy the solitude your closet brings.

Had to take a phone call

One thing that ruins a phone call is having everybody talking around you. Presumably, your family will recognize that. So if you disappear for a period of time, just tell your family you had an important call. You could actually be on the phone with a friend or just use it as an excuse. There’s even a chance that your family will remain quiet even though you’re in a different room, which means you’ll be able to enjoy some peace and quiet in addition to your alone time.

Was looking for new hidden places in the house

You could always tell the truth that you were trying to get away from them. Of course, you wouldn’t phrase it exactly like that. Instead, you could say you were looking for some hidden undiscovered corner of the house. There is an added bonus to this method. You may discover something cool and new about the place you’ve been stuck in for months. That might be just the thing to add some variety to your alone time.

Spending time with family can be wonderful. Spending all your time with family can be draining. If you do find yourself needing some alone time over the holidays, or even in the coming weeks, try out some of these methods. One might be just the thing to keep everyone off your back.

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