You feel like: A poem

Photo of a record player
Knar Bedian/Creative Commons

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Today, you felt like home. 


Usually you feel like childhood 


Like the mistakes of youth 

Like the times that make you cringe 

But then immediately laugh 

Because no matter how mortifying, 

You’re still glad to have 

That story to tell 


You’re that story. 


Usually you feel like innocence 

Like a threshold I crossed over 

And can’t cross back 

But I linger there

Afraid that you won’t follow 



Usually, you feel like poetry 

Like watching the sky break into 

A blazing sunset 

Like knowing there’s no camera,

That can ever capture that 


But that doesn’t stop anyone 

From trying

So, I too,

Will wring out poem after poem 

Stringing words together 

Into chaotic coherence 

To make sense of you. 


Sense of us. 


But today, you felt like home.

Like the comfort of intertwined fingers

Like a place to fall apart and 

Put yourself back together 


And we didn’t speak a word 

Poisoned with emotionality 

Sentiment is more my forte 

Than yours 

And you still, 

Felt like home. 

Through a crackling connection 

And bad Wi-Fi

You felt like home. 

Like everything I know and love 

And learned to love

You felt like home. 

And I belonged. 



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