Alameda County sees 81% voter turnout for 2020 general elections

According to a press release from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, 56,722 people voted in person at one of the 100 vote centers in the county.

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The Alameda County Registrar of Voters, or ROV, reportedly received a record voter turnout of 81% amid the pandemic for the 2020 general elections.

ROV staff and more than 1,700 poll workers received and processed almost 800,000 ballots from a total of 966,088 registered voters in Alameda County over the course of four days and across 100 voting locations, according to a Friday ROV press release. ROV used touch-screen voting services, had multiple languages on ballots, posted ranked choice voting updates on its website and prioritized ballot drop boxes.

“Members of the media and advocacy groups raised questions regarding several issues that occurred over the course of this record-setting vote effort,” the press release states. “The ROV has actively and aggressively worked to address these concerns.”

According to the press release, 56,722 people voted in person at one of the 100 vote centers in the county. Of those people, 28,297 used a touch-screen device. ROV offered training for poll workers on using touch-screen equipment and provided resources to help solve problems on-site.

Election materials at each of the voting locations were available in seven different languages upon request, the press release added.

“After conferring with the (American Civil Liberties Union) and its affiliated groups, the ROV agreed to go further and post a single ballot type in each required language at each location,” the press release states. “The ROV has a history of promoting language access in the voting process.”

Given recent changes to legislation during the pandemic, counties using vote centers were mandated to provide a specific number of drop boxes through which voters could submit their ballots, according to the press release. Prior to the legislative changes, ROV ordered 38 drop boxes, which were an addition to the 28 drop boxes already spread throughout the county.

As several counties needed drop boxes for the election, the vendor and its supplier encountered problems satisfying orders in a timely manner, the press release added. ROV worked with city clerks and managers in Alameda County to best place and install boxes as they arrived.

“The ROV continues to post election updates daily or as warranted, as the ROV marches towards certifying the results of this record-setting election,” the press release states.

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