My Dadi’s Thanksgivings: A personal essay

Ever since my grandma was put on a ventilator this past August, I’ve been keeping a list of things on my phone to tell her once she comes home. Naive and hopeful, the list initially consisted of a few clipped bullets, hastily written whenever I thought of her.
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Photo of books on a bookshelf

Gender and genre

Out of respect for the conventions of genre and an aversion to exposing my ego, I steered clear from writing about myself explicitly.
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Photo of a iPhone homescreen, focusing on dating apps

My qualms with dating apps: The new shopping experience

I’ll be frank about my experiences with dating apps. I’ve navigated Bumble and Tinder a tad bit during strange periods when the dating river had run dry, during which I went on a total of three quite regrettable dates. Each of those were troubling and deepened my suspicion toward the plausible turnout of the apps
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