The odd traditions of Thanksgiving

Jules/Creative Commons

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That November holiday is coming up, even if you probably won’t be spending it as you usually do. It’s a time known for being grateful and having lots of food with family. Yet there are also some other odd traditions attached to the holiday. We at the Clog have complied some of these oddball Thanksgiving traditions.

Here they are.

Thanksgiving “masking”

This is a historical tradition that involved parading down the street in costume. In a way, Thanksgiving resembled Halloween with its trick-or-treating. People would wear masks and silly outfits and would just have fun going down the street. It would be a nice tradition to bring back, but not this year.

“Alice’s Restaurant”

A classic Christmas tradition, at least in retail, is to listen to some Christmas music. Thanksgiving music, on the other hand, is mostly forgotten and ignored. This tradition attempts to combat that. “Alice’s Restaurant” is a blues song telling a long rambling story about one particular Thanksgiving Day. It’s as if an uncle is telling some anecdote at the Thanksgiving table and forgets what he was talking about part way through, but he decides to just keep on talking. In this way, giving a listen to “Alice’s Restaurant” is a perfect, albeit uncommon, Thanksgiving tradition. Give it a listen if you wish!


Some foods just seem like you’re violating something as you make it. The turducken is definitely one of those. Shoving a bird inside a bird inside a bird just seems a bit obscene. Yet, for a bit there, it seemed like the new big craze for spicing up the Thanksgiving meal. Given all of that, it has more than earned its spot on this list.

Black Friday

It’s the day that often completely overshadows Thanksgiving. There have even been stores that started the sale on Thanksgiving itself, which eclipses the events of Thanksgiving. This day of deals and Americans nearly killing each other over a blender is definitely a spectacle and an oddity. It may not always spill over into Thanksgiving, but, for those who care about it, thinking up shopping plans and strategies for Black Friday make it a bizarre Thanksgiving tradition.

Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with odd traditions and history. Maybe you’ll consider bringing one of these traditions to your family. On the other hand, you can always steer clear and just have that big ol’ meal.

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