How to stay healthy and stress-free during the holidays

Photo of water bottles
Joshua Jordan/File

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The holiday season is fast approaching, but too often it can bring stress surrounding food and exercise. Here are some quick tips for fully enjoying the holidays without stressing!

Remember that life is about balance

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to enjoy your time with family due to feeling stressed about eating healthily and working out. Give your body the time to relax and enjoy your favorite meals! A few days (or weeks!) of treating yourself will not make a difference for your fitness goals.

Stay hydrated

With all the fun activities you probably have planned, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated. So, bring a canteen with you everywhere you go as a reminder to get that H2O in!

Remember to eat breakfast

Eating breakfast will set you up for an energized and productive day. Add a source of healthy fats, carbs and protein and you have a balanced meal!

Have fun in the kitchen

If you’re vegan or have different dietary requirements, that doesn’t mean you have to feel left out during family meals. Instead, prepare a delicious meal for your family, and include them in your dietary needs, whatever those might be!

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