Quiz: Should you move back to Berkeley for spring 2021?

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UC Berkeley has announced that our spring semester will be mostly online (bar a few small classes in person), meaning that many of us need to decide where we will best succeed academically. Online learning isn’t perfectly ideal for anyone, and therefore this decision can be pretty tricky. Take this quiz to help you decide if you should live in Berkeley or stay at home next semester!

  1. What time do you normally get up?
    1. 6 a.m. You know I rise and grind, baby!
    2. If I never really fall asleep, do I ever actually get up? #allnighterseverynight
    3. 9 a.m. — only 10 minutes before my first class.
    4. 11 a.m. because I love myself.
  2. How often do you fight with your parents?
    1. From sunrise to sunset, my parents and I are always at one another’s throats about the dumbest things.
    2. I’ve never fought with my parents; I’m a statistical anomaly.
    3. We occasionally have heated moments, but we always make up.
    4. I don’t know if my parents and I could communicate without screaming or passive-aggressive comments.
  3. Do you miss having a boba shop within 20 feet of your location at any given time in Berkeley?
    1. Yes! What even is coffee? Boba is my favorite study drink.
    2. No … I prefer not to choke on tapioca pearls while sprinting to class.
    3. I’ve just never understood the hype with boba.
    4. I’m a boba virgin.
  4. Which social setting do you prefer?
    1. Crowds. I love the energy I get from being around other people and being lost in the crowd.
    2. Empty streets. There’s no feeling I love more than feeling like I’m the only person out and about.
    3. All alone in my room. People are exhausting, and I prefer just me, myself and I.
    4. I don’t mind being around a small group of people — humans are meant to be social creatures, after all.
  5. Do you like cooking?
    1. I only know how to survive off of takeout.
    2. I don’t even know how to make pasta.
    3. Are you kidding me? Gordon Ramsay tasted my food and didn’t yell at me. I’m basically a professional chef.
    4. I’m not the best, but I can whip something up with the help of a recipe, of course.
  6. What part of in-person classes do you miss the most?
    1. Literally every single aspect of it. I’d give anything to go back.
    2. Studying in the library — I just can’t seem to focus without the dead silence and lack of cell reception in Main Stacks.
    3. Running into my friends where I least expect it in between classes.
    4. Are you kidding me? I’ve never been happier just to stay in bed all day.
    1. Pack your bags and start scouring the Facebook housing pages. You were never meant to leave Berkeley. Even though it has the eerie feel of a ghost town, moving back to Berkeley is a new adventure that would add value to your college experience. Maybe this is your chance to explore more of the Bay Area or finally shop at Berkeley Bowl.
    2. It’s probably best for you to stay at home. You clearly can’t leave the comfort of your parent’s cooking, and you might feel lonely wandering the once-crowded streets alone, thinking about how life used to be pre-COVID-19. You don’t need that type of sadness in your life. It’s time to focus on you, baby. Maybe on campus, you got too caught up in the ever-omnipresent air of competition and pressure, and being home has allowed you to reconnect with yourself. Whatever it is, you’re doing great, sweetie.
    3. It could go either way. You obviously miss Berkeley, but life at home isn’t all that bad either. Therefore, you’d be perfectly happy whichever path you choose, and we trust you to make the right decision for yourself because you can’t go wrong.
    4. Stay at home, but make sure to visit Berkeley. Based on your cooking skills — or lack thereof — and your preference to spend time alone, it’s probably best to stay home. But you obviously miss Berkeley a whole lot, so make sure you find a way to visit Berkeley at least once during the semester.

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