Memorialize the year with snazzy 2020-themed merch

Quinn Dombrowski/Creative Commons

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This year has been apocalyptic, to say the least, but if nothing else, we’ve seen the production of some snazzy 2020-themed merch. Nobody is in danger of forgetting 2020, but there are definitely some moments that you needed to witness to fully understand. Borne out of the dystopian conditions we’ve been experiencing, the following merch might help you explain 2020 to your grandkids — that is, if society doesn’t crumble first.

‘Zoom University’ merch

Since we’re all paying full tuition to take classes on Zoom, what better way to show school spirit than some “Zoom University” merchandise! T-shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers and hats are all available in the trademark bright blue of Zoom’s logo. You can even find “Zoom High School” and “Zoom Elementary” merch if you have some younger siblings who want to join in on the fun. 

Four Seasons Total Landscaping merch

If you need more proof that President Donald Trump and his team don’t always have it together, look no further than the press conference held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia. Somehow, during the scramble to book a press conference venue in the aftermath of the announcement of the election results, the parking lot of a landscaping retailer, located between a sex shop and a crematorium, was mistaken for a Four Seasons hotel. A range of Four Seasons Total Landscaping merchandise is now on the market, including “Make America Rake Again” and “Lawn and Order” T-shirts. What better way is there to ridicule the disaster of Trump’s entire presidency?

President-elect Joe Biden’s ‘Truth over Flies’ fly swatter

On Oct. 7, the vice presidential debate created quite the “buzz” after a gigantic fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head and stayed there for more than two minutes. Biden’s campaign didn’t miss a beat, incorporating the “Truth Over Flies” fly swatter into its campaign merch that very evening. It is likely the first and last time a fly swatter will be offered as presidential campaign merch. 

‘We just did. 46’ hat

On Nov. 7, the day the election was called in Biden’s favor, he sported this iconic baseball cap. It seems to be the subtle, yet calculated, response to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat that we’ve all been looking for. It is just the beginning of a long road for Biden, but we all deserve to gloat, or at least breath a deep sigh of relief.

Your favorite mask

I don’t know about you, but my room, backpack and car are all filled with masks. However, for whatever reason, I gravitate toward one mask in particular. My go-to mask is one that my mom made for me when she started sewing during quarantine. It’s orange with pink flowers, and it’s covered in stains from a Thai food spill. Regardless of its faint red curry odor, I plan on keeping it long after the pandemic is over. We should all hang on to our favorite masks, and maybe someday, we can put them in a frame or something.

Even if you’d rather forget this year ever happened, the merch we’ve seen arise out of the current state of our world is most definitely worth remembering!

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