Virtual game night: How to bond with friends even when apart

Photo of a Dungeons & Dragons game
Philip Mitchell/Creative Commons

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In this day and age, it’s a bit more difficult to have a game night. With everyone social distancing, it’s not safe to gather inside at one place and have fun together, and this can feel a bit isolating at times. However, even though you’d have to play over an internet connection, that doesn’t mean you can’t play a game and bond with each other. Here are some games you can play over a video call that should make your friend group or family feel closer.


This is a game that might actually work even better over a video call. For those who don’t know, charades is a game where one player tries to get their team to guess the prompt they chose without saying a word. All you have to do is have the one player muted, so even if the person gets frustrated and speaks, the team won’t hear a thing. An additional benefit is that you can have competitive teams or everyone on one team as a full-group bonding activity. It’s all up to you.

Screen-share Pictionary

Like charades, this game may also benefit from socializing through video calls. Sure, it’s very different drawing something on a piece of paper as opposed to using a mouse or track pad. But, hey, after all, the goal of the game is to guess the prompt based on a player’s drawing. It’s always far more fun and hilarious when it’s nearly impossible to draw.

One-word sentence in chat

This game involves writing a story with everyone in your group. The catch is, each person takes turns contributing a single word. No matter how it starts, it will dissolve into near madness and will be hilarious. In short, it’s a way to work on something together as a group that will make you all laugh. That’s always a great way to bond.

Online ‘The Price is Right’

There is a game show known as “The Price is Right”. The goal is to have the closest guess for the price of an item without going over. Doing it with people you know and with stuff on the internet is the perfect excuse to show the weird items you’ve stumbled across. It’s a fun way to bond over the fact that there are some odd things on the internet and many of them are overpriced.

Dungeons and Dragons

If you need to fill lots of time or want a regular thing to join in on and do, then play Dungeons and Dragons. The classic fantasy role-playing game can easily be played over a group call. After all, the action is all in your imagination. There are online resources if you want them, but all you need are some friends, some of the basic rules and a number randomizer to act as dice. With those, you can go on an incredible adventure and create shared memories with your entire group.

Bond with your family and friends by playing some of these games virtually. This list should be a good start, but always find what works best and enjoy the time with the people you care about.

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