Why Facebook Messenger is superior to iMessage

Facebook Messages
Brianna Luna/Senior Staff

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Upon arriving in the United States for college, I was met with a strange cultural difference.

“What’s your number?” members of my freshman year orientation group would ask me.

“Do you use Facebook Messenger?” I would reply. With this, I was met with confused and, sometimes, dirty looks. The more courageous individuals would say that Facebook Messenger was weird and for old people. The more timid ones would answer with a simple no.

As the months went on, I tried tirelessly to convince my new friends to switch over to Facebook Messenger. Unfortunately, my call to action fell upon deaf ears, and the platform switch did not happen. 

In the hopes of convincing the greater Berkeley community that Facebook Messenger is indeed superior, I have compiled a list of very valid reasons.

It’s more inclusive

It’s no secret that Android phones can’t use iMessage. Whenever I receive green texts from Android phones, I feel irrationally annoyed, and I’m sure we’ve all faced the frustration that arises from trying to make a group chat with that one friend who doesn’t have an iPhone. Surely, in this modern time, we should be able to send messages over the internet, not via text message. With Facebook Messenger, this is no longer an issue, as everyone is included.

It’s easier to find contact information

Secondly, if you wish to text someone in your classes or clubs, the process is so simple. Simply type their name into the Facebook search box, and boom! You have a way to contact them. Getting someone’s number is a tedious process — you have to go out of your way to ask for it, create a contact, type 10 entire numbers into the contact and save it. This feels very archaic and primitive to me when I know it could be so much easier.

You automatically know everyone’s name and face

Thirdly, when being added to a group iMessage chat with people you don’t know, you have no indication of who is who. Instead, you are met with a sea of — faceless individuals. With Facebook Messenger, this is no longer a problem! When added to a group chat, you instantly have everyone’s name and a profile picture to connect the texts to both a name and a face.

You can access it from anywhere

Finally, Facebook Messenger can be accessed from any device with a web browser. Sure, if you have a Mac computer, you can use iMessage on your laptop, but what about people with a PC? With Facebook, however, simply to go messenger.com from any type of computer, and you can message whomever you please!

I recognize that many people will always be partial to iMessage, and I have to admit that being able to react to messages and play GamePigeon games can be nice at times. But for the sake of ease and Android users, I have a vision that one day, everyone will finally use Facebook Messenger, which you hopefully now understand is the most practical texting platform!

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