Northside hamburger restaurant Snack Shack closes

Snack Shack
Sunny Shen/Senior Staff
Northside restaurant Snack Shack, which has closed following five years of business, was located on Hearst Avenue prior to moving to Euclid Avenue. In March, the restaurant was providing curbside pickup for online orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Snack Shack, a self-described “funky, laid-back joint” on Northside offering hamburgers, sandwiches, snacks, craft beers and more, has closed after five years of service.

According to Snack Shack’s Facebook page, in March, the restaurant was offering curbside pickup for online orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In September 2019, Snack Shack relocated from Hearst Avenue to a more spacious location on Euclid Avenue that had a bigger kitchen in order to serve more people.

The former location of Snack Shack was held by the same owners in order to finish out the remaining six months of the lease, and a new restaurant — Snack Box — opened in its place. However, Snack Box closed after two months, largely due to decreased business resulting from the October 2019 PG&E power outages.

Many UC Berkeley students and alumni expressed sadness in response to the closing of Snack Shack.

Recent campus graduate Melanie Yu stumbled upon Snack Shack when searching for restaurants to try and “got hooked” on Snack Shack’s “fantastic” waffle fries and “affordable gourmet burgers.” Yu said in an email that the restaurant was unique because it put “hard work and effort” into every order.

“I’ve never been disappointed even once since I started eating at the Snack Shack all those years ago!” Yu said in the email. You can just taste the TLC.

Recent UC Berkeley graduate Lawrence Cheng, who previously lived on Northside, emphasized Snack Shack’s convenience for campus students.

Compared to other restaurants on campus, Snack Shack always had ample seating, short wait times and fast service, Cheng said in an email. Cheng added that Snack Shack at the Euclid Avenue location had a “fun and welcoming” dining environment with arcade games available.

“I’m definitely glad that it was there when I was still at Berkeley, since the quick lunches were really useful—especially when I was grinding a project for class,” Cheng said in the email. “It’ll definitely be missed.”

Hannah Chavarria, a recent campus graduate, lived above Snack Shack for a few years and said it was one of her favorite food places.

Chavarria described Snack Shack as a “quintessential part” of her neighborhood, adding that its closure is another “agonizing blow” from the course of this year.

“I’ve introduced so many of my friends to the Snack Shack— it was a fantastic hangout place, my favorite drive-by (or walk-by!) lunch spot, and a really nice date spot too,” Yu said in the email. “It just feels like so many of my memories at the Snack Shack will be lost with the closing as well, and I won’t be able to get my favorite waffle fries ever again.”

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