A merry glow: Why Christmas lights are a wonderful part of the holiday season

Photo of a tree hung with Christmas Lights
Momoka Sasaki/Staff

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Christmas lights are a wonderful part of the holiday season. Much of the time these decorations are lumped together with the others of the season, but we at the Clog believe they deserve to be appreciated as their own wonderful addition to the holiday season. Not only have they been a staple in holiday decor for several decades, but, in the age of COVID-19, they are also a tradition that is social distancing friendly — something that we can still enjoy as we go on evening strolls. For that, we have decided to give a special shoutout to Christmas lights! Here are some reasons they are a stellar addition to our year and holiday decor.

One of the nicest things about Christmas lights is how cheery they can feel. They don’t just light up a room or outside — they give any environment a unique glow, making a room or house seem a lot less gloomy at night. It’s as if the Christmas lights have brought some cheer to share with us. It’s not in-your-face and exhausting; instead, it is the kind of cheer that’ll tell you that everything will be all right. We could all use that reminder: Everything will be all right.

One of the most common places you’ll find Christmas lights is, of course, on a Christmas tree. It’s a classic decoration, along with ornaments and tinsel. However, Christmas lights add something more to all of those other decorations. At night, they light up the tree and everything on it. Reflective ornaments now glitter and shine. Tinsel reflects the light in a million different directions, making the whole room awash with light. In short, Christmas lights make a tree look even better once the room grows dark, and for that, they deserve some appreciation.

This year, in particular, Christmas lights deserve some recognition. They are a part of the holidays that is social distancing friendly. Whether in your own home or decorating the outside of someone’s house, they can still be enjoyed without people having to get close to others. It’s been that way even before this year. That makes it the perfect tradition to commemorate this year’s holidays.

Christmas lights can have a bad rap. Often, they are known for being a tangled mess in a box somewhere, a pain to unravel and put up. Yet, in a way, they are a lot like the holidays. It may be a pain to get everything organized and decorated, but when that’s all over, you can look at everything and just enjoy it. Those little colored bulbs may not seem all that special, but they bring with them the happiness of this season. It’s reason enough to appreciate Christmas lights, even if they can be annoying at times.

So here’s to Christmas lights: a classic feature of the holiday season that can even be enjoyed this holiday season.

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