Scatterdoku: Clues from 2020 at UC Berkeley


To construct the sudoku grid, fill out the colored boxes using the corresponding clues. The answer to each clue is a number between 1 and 9, inclusive. After filling each colored box, solve the given sudoku.

A sudoku puzzle based on 2020 at UC Berkeley

a. The Pac-12 planned to play a ___-game football season this fall (Hint)

b. Number of Cal women’s water polo members who were selected as All-Americans this year (Hint)

c. Number of Berkeley city measures on the ballot this past election season (Hint)

d. Month of the year during which the first case of COVID-19 in Berkeley was reported (Hint)

e. Number of UC Berkeley researchers who were elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (Hint)

f. Number of UC Berkeley faculty members who received Nobel Prizes this year (Hint, Hint)

g. Before closing permanently, Daiso’s Berkeley location served the community for ___ years (Hint)

h. Common COVID-19 precautions include wearing masks and staying at least ___ feet apart (Hint)

i. Cal lost the 123rd Big Game by ___ point(s) (Hint)


Find the answers to the clues and to the sudoku puzzle here.


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