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Sweet, calming tunes for finals studying

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DECEMBER 03, 2020

The end of the year is nearly here, and the ends of classes are looming over students as they attempt to study for their finals. Music can be an incredible way for students to focus on studying as it helps enhance motivation, memory and calmness. This variety of songs ranges from harmonizing vocals and stunning instrumentals to obscure melodies and lo-fi study time vibes, perfect for students who are looking to diversify their music libraries.


“Locket,” Crumb

A euphoric and psychedelic pop-rock song with soothing and dreamy vocals, “Locket” features a stunning beginning of piano tempos and transitions into an everlasting trance of powerful instrumentals. The song tells a story about the constant shifts of reality within one’s mind and explores the possibilities that can lie within it. 


“Hedwig’s Theme,” John Williams 

Let’s be real, the entire “Harry Potter” film score would be perfect for studying, as it offers a magical and intense journey into the world of wizards and witches. “Hedwig’s Theme” begins with a celesta solo, with light bell sounds followed by violins that are both haunting and wonderful. This classic piece remains one of the main symbols of the “Harry Potter” franchise and is still calming and majestic every time you listen to it.


“Football Head,” Flamingosis

Named after the iconic head shape of the titular character from the show “Hey Arnold,” “Football Head” brings a chill, lo-fi vibe for studying. The electronic and soulful track seems to go on forever with its repetitive tones and funky beats. Most Flamingosis songs offer homestyle late night sounds to ease your stress while studying, and this one is no different. 


“Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 2 in E-Flat Major,” Frédéric Chopin

This is a classical, unique song that provides a melancholy mood with every key played. The sounds are so soothing that they can almost put you to sleep while paradoxically empowering you to power through studying at the same time. The song is played on the piano with a quiet melody, though it has moments where it leaps with increasing sound. The balance of its peaceful harmonics and upscale thrills brings studying to a whole new level. 


“Caught By My Shadow,” Albert Hammond Jr.

A guitarist and vocalist for The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr does an incredible job creating his own unique music while maintaining hints of major influences within the track. The guitar riffs are similar to the Arctic Monkeys’ style in this upbeat, experimental track filled with riveting vocals about embracing one’s hidden shadows. “Caught By My Shadow” brings a mix of garage rock and punk-pop to life. 


“So What,” Miles Davis

This soothing and famous jazz piece lasts for almost 10 minutes with compelling riffs and harmonics. The atmosphere of “So What” uses differing instrumentals to create soothing jazz. Miles Davis performs powerfully through his trumpet and gives music lovers happiness with the incredible rhythmic patterns and beautiful harmonies.

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DECEMBER 03, 2020