The Millennial Club stays close to home on ‘Summer Nights’

The Millenial Club/Courtesy

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Grade: 3.5/5.0

Admired for its honest songwriting and commitment to its truest feelings, The Millennial Club is blossoming as a personification of novel genre fusion. The youthful group has developed a sound harkening back to dance pop from the ’80s and rhythmic patterns from the ’90s. After producing its most popular single, “Love Is So Hard!” in 2017 and its album She’s So Insane two years later, this Southern California band is on the cusp of a journey that takes off with the Nov. 20 release of its new EP, Summer Nights

The collection opens with “I Wish I Could Tell U,” a short and sweet prelude of distorted, wandering notes and blurry words. By placing these drifty beats in the beginning of the EP, The Millennial Club succeeds in setting a dreamy tone for listeners to get utterly immersed in. Positioned as an introduction to the next five tracks, “I Wish I Could Tell U” allows the band to guide its audience through its style of indie and R&B pop.

“Like I Do” is seamlessly queued next, weaved with no stiff spaces between song transitions. In contrast to “I Wish I Could Tell U,” this second installment establishes a focused, drum-heavy downbeat with vocalist Andres Owens’ breathy, ethereal tone breezing through the complementing instrumentation. Cadences cascade effortlessly, forming a beautiful, shimmering song that could place you into a sleep’s serenity. The lyrics match the innocent tenderness of the song, as Owens confessionally and continuously echoes, “I cannot pretend I don’t love you like I do.”

The album picks up speed with “Feel the Same,” which boasts a strikingly upbeat mood. Finger snaps and synths orbit the growing guitar riff as Owens swims through the verses. Background vocals serenade the gaps between refrains. The song carries on with the same theme of confronting romance, a testament to The Millennial Club’s ability to tap into the deepest corners of its members’ souls to spill into and inspire a narrative through each record.

The rhythmic peak of the EP resides in “Summer Nights.” Scalar intonation is the hallmark of this song, as Owens shows off his exemplary vocal control in the chorus lines. “Summer Nights” is an optimistic, sanguine escape from the upcoming winter cold, reminding us of the carefree summertime bliss that is oh-so-missed. A muted bridge sets this song apart from others, as the tempo slows and captivates the listener in a moment of magical tranquility. Melodic strains from the song are remarkably memorable and catchy, making you want to press replay over and over.

“Girls That Ain’t U” is the culminating marriage of all the tracks in the EP. The band collects varying elements from other songs — such as the sparkling notes of “Like I Do,” the smooth falsettos of “Feel the Same” and the intricate interplay of overlapping voices in “Summer Nights” — and incorporates them all together. As the love story painted by The Millennial Club reaches its climax in this song, the band’s lyricism addresses the regretful realization of wasting time by not chasing what your heart wanted. Finally, the EP fizzles out by circling back to how it began with “Anymore,” a lo-fi style record.

The Millennial Club has mastered the art of creating elegant textures and lovely layering that project its special sound. But while this EP helps elevate its discography, it fails to add anything surprising. The six-track project demonstrates how much the band has evolved from its freshman songs, but unfortunately, this growth fails to bring The Millennial Club out of a zone it’s already explored and found comfort in.

This EP is the product of the band members’ purposeful maturity when it comes to being in touch with their feelings, digging deeper to offer something intimately personal for their listeners to interact with. But, watered down, the EP boasts repetition over originality. As the band continues to carve a more distinct place for itself in the musical world, Summer Nights ultimately lands as a reliable foundation for The Millennial Club to fall back on and for loyal fans to swoon over in the meantime. 


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