Why it’s OK to decorate your house early for the holidays

Photo of Christmas Decorations
Ashley Hopkins Benton/Creative Commons

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Every year, as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Thanksgiving, my household does a 180 flip from Thanksgiving turkey to extravagant Christmas decorations. This tradition began a few years ago when my dad tapped into his love of the holidays by exploring all the ways he could decorate the house, from rooftop reindeer to spooky Halloween pieces. Every holiday season, these decorations become increasingly extravagant as the front of our house transforms into a prime example of winter festivity. We have definitely become that house on the block. Initially, I was perplexed by this tradition. I, similar many other rational people, liked the thought of my holidays being separated by at least a brief buffering period.

However, my mindset shifted when I realized the effect our yearly decorations had on people within our community. During Halloween, families would walk blocks to see our haunted house, and throughout the winter holiday season, starry-eyed children would compliment our Christmas spirit. This led to me coin my dad as the “holiday hero,” but, more importantly, it made me realize that decorations are much more than just a matter of preference: Decorations represent the joy of the holidays, and they allow us to easily share that joy with others.

I know that the concept of holiday decorations can be hotly disputed, especially depending on your own level of festivity. But the truth is, decorations can be used as a way to not only uplift your spirit but the spirit of others around you. Even though my family goes full-out for the holidays, decorations can be as simple as a few Christmas lights to brighten up your home or a do-it-yourself holiday sign to decorate your door. No matter how you choose to decorate, even a small glimmer of festivity may brighten someone’s day. For holiday purists who are against early decorators, well, they can take it up with you in the new year. 

Holiday decorations are incredibly fun and exciting, and they are often one of the few times where we get to let our inner child soar. I think it’s time to let go of the notion that holiday decorations must only be put up after a certain day, or that we must all adhere to a strict decorative timeline. My family follows our own timeline, and our elaborate Christmas decorations allow us to celebrate the holidays in a way that can put a smile on someone else’s face. 

In the rough year of 2020, it may actually be better for us to start decorating for the holidays sooner rather than later. After all, in the midst of such a dark year, we may all need a little bit of light. 

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