Fall final(s) countdown: Everything you need to do before finals week

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Final exams are approaching fast, yet there’s still a lot to do before you have to take those daunting tests. This can all be a bit stressful. Follow this countdown of things to do, and you should be in the clear. Here’s the Clog’s winter finals countdown.

5. Find the perfect study playlist

Studying is always better with a soundtrack. But the wrong playlist might just make your study session a disaster: It could distract you from your studying or just tire you out. That’s why a good early step is to spend time finding that perfect playlist. With that in hand, you’ll be able to tackle the rest of the days leading up to finals.

4. Make some holiday cookies

The end of fall semester can sometimes be a little gloomy. Lucky for you, the holiday season is just around the corner. That’s the perfect excuse to spend some of dead week lifting your own spirits by making (and eating) some holiday cookies. Whether it’s a gingerbread man or a snowflake sugar cookie, it should do the trick. It’ll help alleviate some of your pre-finals stress, and it will give you some cookies you can treat yourself with after a long study session or final.

3. Start your Christmas shopping

Finals might be just around the corner, but so is Christmas. If your family celebrates, you might just need to get each family member a gift. So, why not get a little ahead of that shopping and start looking now? It’ll save you plenty of stress later on, and it’s not as though you have to go to class or anything.

2. Get some sleep

Going to a final sleep-deprived sucks, so why not take advantage of not having lectures this week to catch up on sleep? You can go to bed early and sleep in late. By the time finals roll around, you should have a sleep schedule that lets you feel refreshed during the day. At the very least, you shouldn’t find yourself falling asleep in the middle of the test.

1. Actually study

Well, you should probably study. It’s probably the best way to know what you’re doing when you actually take the test. You might have a lot to do, but you can probably squeeze some studying in somewhere. At the very least, you, along with many others, will probably do most of your studying in a day or two before finals. If that turns out to be you, at least you’ll have company.

Enjoy your dead weak, and have some fun! There’s a lot to do before this semester comes to a close. Hopefully, this list has put everything in order so that you can get the most done as you count down the days until finals begin.

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