Thank you for our Ink Bowl win

Karen Chow/Courtesy
The Daily Californian wins the 2019 Ink Bowl.

During a regular year, The Daily Californian would play The Stanford Daily in a flag football game known as the Ink Bowl before the Big Game. We play for glory and for the X-Acto knife trophy. To continue this long-standing tradition even during a pandemic, we held a joint fundraiser to help two independent, student-run newspapers stay open. 

Just as any other year, Cal lost the football game, but the Daily Cal won the Ink Bowl. This leaves us with a five-year winning streak and a newsroom full of gratitude. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and helped us beat Stanford. Your passion and generosity in supporting student journalism mean the world to us. 

As if losing wasn’t embarrassing enough, the Stanford Daily’s editor in chief had to pen a letter glorifying the Monarch of the College Dailies as part of the punishment. We hope to see you next year when we win both the Knife and the Axe.

Sarah Harris is the editor in chief. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @sharris_DC.