Strange things you might find in pre-COVID-19 movies and TV shows

Illustration of a group of people dancing at a party, silhouetted against the light
Hannah Cooper/File

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To say that this year has been more different than any other would be an understatement. “Unprecedented” would probably win word of the year. Spending an eternity social distancing can make previously normal things seem strange, and it’s easiest to see that when watching a movie or a TV show. Watching the cast and characters living their normal lives pre-COVID-19 feels completely unusual and bizarre. Here are some of the weird things you might notice while you are watching a movie or TV show.

Large crowds

Large crowds can be one of the strangest things to watch, given the current time. People attending parties, hanging out at a festival or crowds crossing the street in a time-lapse are common sights in shows and movies. Your immediate reaction might be to worry about people not staying six feet apart or that there are too many people in one space. It definitely feels odd when it pops up, probably because most of us have forgotten what it’s like to be with a group of people.

People traveling

Sheltering in place has put the kibosh on any travel plans. It’s right in the name. So watching movies and TV shows that prominently feature traveling can make you a little jealous. It’s a very different life from the sheltering-in-place recommendations of this year, and it’s natural to miss the various opportunities that come with being able to go out somewhere. Moreover, it might just feel like a waste of time when characters in a movie or show drive out to meet friends when they could just talk over the phone or a video call.

People embracing

Some character might give another a hug, and you might cringe just a little. This is probably a gut reaction to them being within six feet of each other and coming into physical contact. Your reaction might even be worse if they kiss. In case you’ve forgotten due to being cooped up at home, it’s just a common way people show affection. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it after watching a few more shows and films.

No masks to be seen

Chances are that in whatever you watch, nobody will be wearing a mask. If a character is wearing a mask, they most likely are a supervillain or superhero, and it probably won’t be over their mouth and nose. This can seem strange, especially if they’re not wearing a mask when they’re sick. Just remember that when the show or movie you are watching was filmed, the creators had no idea what would happen in 2020, and this year was a learning experience for most of us about wearing a mask.

Hopefully, this makes you feel a little better. There’s a lot of things in movies and TV shows that you shouldn’t attempt these days. Whether its single-handedly stopping an alien invasion or leaving the house without a mask, always be mindful of doing what you’ve seen on TV.

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